RICH REVIEWS: Beyond Lovecraft

Title: Beyond Lovecraft
Publisher: Markosia
Writer: Jasper Bark
Artist: Rob Moran, Paul Rafferty
Layouts: Paul Rafferty
Letters: Mindy Lopkin
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The planet has been taken over by monsters and a small band of humans have a way that may save it.
“Occupy the Mountains of Madness” Here six podcasters Danforth, Rachel, Angstrom, Olaf, Heidi, and Joseph find themselves in danger in a cold land of ice and snow. They do come upon aliens and learn about how they have been controlling the human race. Can they somehow put an end to it? The aliens we see here are illustrated differently as they are not as humanoid as some you see.
Rachel is a woman who knows what she wants. She is willing to fight to get it too. Here though her morals are in question and in a way she did not expect she did get what she wanted. The Shoggoths have their plans and they have been here a long time. The story is interesting in the way aliens are handled.
“Out of Innsmouth” Zeke Marsh is a gay young man in a backwater town. He meets Jay online and he falls for Jay yet Jay is not a nice man. He wants to use Zeke. Well, things do go completely differently than you might expect in this tale about a young man wanting to live his life as he wants to.
“The Hope in My Breast Died a Little” Men try to increase their knowledge and this leads to a dangerous situation being created. This story is done in prose. The Elder Things are creatures maybe not evil yet they do seem so to the humans. Here we are, witness, to the uncreation of a race. The Cthulhu apocalypse that occurred and then did not, Cthulhu looks amazing in the drawings yes this is a being of power.
“Morton Meets a Mi-Go!” Morton hears a noise. And this leads to him encountering a fungus. This is a strange story that Dr. Seuss crossed with H. P. Lovecraft which is charming in a weird way.
The way Cthuluh is used with aliens here does work. The human race will never stand a chance against these ancient beings yet they do fight on.
All the backers for this book are listed in the back including me.

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