RICH REVIEWS: Betty & Veronica

Title: Betty & Veronica (GN)
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story & Art by: Adam Hughes
Coloring by: Jose Villarrubia
Lettering by: Jack Morelli
Cover: Adam Hughes
Price: $ 9.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This graphic novel collects issues one to three of the limited series.
Hotdog is the narrator of this issue. He is one cool canine.
Archie and Jughead are talking and the conversation goes to who would win in a fight, Betty or Veronica?
The four friends are just hanging out. Hotdog does provide a brief assessment of the four friends. With Veronica though he has nothing. The other three are nice but Veronica is a mystery.
These friends do get along well even though they are all quite different in personalities.
In this issue, they get a rallying theme. Save Pop’s the chocolate shop. Poor Pop Tate.
Wow, you have to see Betty’s expression on this news. Adam Hughes does capture the ideal face of a determined Betty. His drawings are subdued and lightly colored. They give the characters a laid-back feel most of the time. Not though in this scene. Betty as well is portrayed more violently in regards to comments that Jughead makes. Poor guy is her punching bag if he mouths off. She does have one killer right cross.
Page 19 and 20 they come out of left field the way they are handled. You will get a laugh out of them.
This comic though is about Betty & Veronica. They do end up face to face and Betty is ready to rip off the cool calm Veronica’s face. Things are heating up in the town of Riverdale.
The backup story is a classic adventure of Betty and Veronica called “Birth of a Notion” story by Sy Reit, art by Dan DeCarlo, inks by Rudy Lapick and letters by Vince DeCarlo.
This short story has Archie and Reggie getting into trouble with Betty and Veronica. It starts out so funny and ends just as funny. The poor boys do not have any idea what happened.
This issue of Betty & Veronica is a great update to the classic tales.
The cute way Hotdog talks to the readers is fantastic to see. Breaking the third wall is great. Betty looks amazing as a boxer in the fantasy sequence. Veronica looks stuck up.
Betty and Ronnie are opposed here. Betty wants to save Pop’s and Veronica wants to build a big coffee shop in its place. These two do compete a lot. Betty is shown getting frazzled.
Betty is drawn in one very provocative pose while wearing very tight black pants.
Betty actually looks better than Veronica does throughout the entire comic. She is just drawn that way.
The two BFF may not be BFF after this battle of the coffee shops. The tension between the two just keeps slowly building.
Betty and Veronica are the best of friends and they can be the worst of enemies.
It is cute the way Hotdog narrates. He looks so cute.
The colors are subdued. The art itself is bland, there is not enough life in it but the story makes up in spades for that.
Betty Cooper is poring her heart and soul into saving Pop’s. Her and Veronica who is a heartless you know what get into it. Veronica wants Pop’s replaced with a coffee shop.
There is really red punch in this story too.
Ok WOW! this story goes along smoothly and then explodes. Literally it explodes and blows upon a scale you can not imagine. It will grab you and take you on the roller coaster ride of your life.
Betty and Veronica are BFF and don’t let you forget that. Team Bee N’ Vee are the best.
There are tons of variant covers shown in the back and a bonus story as well.

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