RICH REVIEWS: Behold, Behemoth # 1

Title: Behold, Behemoth # 1
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Created by: Tate Brombal & Nick Robles
Written by: Tate Brombal
Illustrated by: Nick Robles
Lettered by: Andworld Design
Cover by: Nick Robles
Variant Covers by: Jeff LeMire with Colors by Patricio Delpeche, Andrea Sorrentino with Colors by Dave Stewart, Yanick Paquette with Colors by Matheus Lopes, Nick Robles, Vincenzo Riccardi, Alan Quah, Inaki Miranda, John Giang, Inhyuk Lee
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This story starts out weird. Greyson now has just suffered the loss of his brother yet they have not been close for years and he is not overly affected by it. He returns to work as a child protective services employee. One father and daughter Wren, looks over them and well the daughter needs help. Greyson does want to help. How does he help? He is having blackouts, losing time, and what happens then, who knows?
The art is beautifully done to show a world in trouble. Wren is a little girl and Grey is a man in need of help.
Grey is in a world with earthquakes occurring often and no one knows why so is it the end of times? Grey seems to be having waking nightmares of some kind of shadow land filled with creatures in shadow. Something strange is going on here with Grey.
Liam, Grey’s dead brother does play a part in this story. What it is is hard to tell but he does care about him and loves him.
What is going on here and how can Grey and Wren save the world? How are these two connected? They are both good people yet they may also be very bad people.

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