RICH REVIEWS: Beautiful Canvas Ashcan Preview

Title: Beautiful Canvas Ashcan Preview
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Illustrated by: Sami Kivela
Written by: Ryan K Lindsay
Colored by: Triona Farrell
Lettered by: Ryan Ferrier
Cover by: Sami Kivela
Beautiful Canvas Created by: Ryan K Lindsay & Sami Kivela
Price: free
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: The opening scene will have you focused on nothing but this comic. It is subtle yet with an intensity that grabs you. Then you notice the weird part.
This Ashcan does give you a taste of what is to come.
Lon Eisley the Hitwoman is a likable woman. Here we just get a glimpse of what she is like.
The back of this issue provides some lovely black and white pin-ups of the characters. Lon and her girlfriend Asia do make a cute couple. Yes, they are a gay couple.
Milla has a hard villainous look to her.
You get a look at how this comic was made. Both art and writing previews are shown in panels and page summaries.

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