RICH REVIEWS: Battlecats Vol 1: Hunt for the Dire Beast

Title: Battlecats Vol 1: Hunt for the Dire Beast  (TPB)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Creator & Writer: Mark London
Artist: Michael Camelo
Editor: Chris Fernandez
Book Designer & Letterer: Miguel A. Zapata
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Hidden Threat” Chapter One: We find the Battlecats in a forest with Mekkar on first watch. Then the Umbra Raiders attack. The attack is swift and bloody and the battle is hard fought. Kaleera finds herself in her private battle and this one has the two combatants going all out.
“Lionborne” Chapter Two: A wonderfully illustrated action pose starts this chapter off.
Eramad comes to Valderia where a warrior is needed. He becomes a King there. We see how the Battlecats were originally formed and why. The present Battlecats find themselves attacked once again. They do put up one hard-hitting fight.
“Mark of the Fang” Chapter Three: Eramad II is the King of Valderia and his attitude is one of a stuck-up ruler.   The Battlecats Vaela has power. Kelthan gives her some good advice. Now as the Battlecats move, Keltan faces a creature and has a hard fight. Then we see another creature step from the darkness and the art leaves no doubt of its deadly evil.
“The Dire Beast” Chapter Four: Eramad III is shown training and he now rules Valderia.
The Battlecats face a creature of legend, a terror called the Dire Beast. The Battlecats go all out against this great beast. Keltan is the leader and he is inspiring. Zorien is the strength. One-on-one the Battlecats are outmatched but they are a team. They are together as one.
“For The King” Chapter Five: Keltan must decide what to do here. What is best for Valderia and its people?  The King Eramad III has big plans and they involve changes to Valderia and all its people. What he plans to do though, will the people survive? Is this for the better or will Valderia be lost forever?
This collection collects issues one to five of the series.
The art beautifully portrays the characters of the Battlecats as warriors. The fighting is furious when shown. These felines are illustrated by knowing how to fight.
This fantasy adventure is filled with court intrigue and lots of battle action. The Battlecats are a team of honorable warriors who fight for their King.

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