RICH REVIEWS: Barbarella # 1

Title: Barbarella # 1
Publisher: Dynamite
Writer: Mike Carey
Artist: Kenan Yarar
Colorist: Mohan
Letterer: Crank!
Cover Artists: Kenneth Rocafort, Joe Jusko, Joseph Michael Linsner, Robert Hack, Annie Wu, Kenan Yarar & Sadece Kaan, Valentine DeLandro, Veronica Fish, Roberto Castro & Alex Guimaraes
Based on the character created by: Jean-Claude Forest
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Red Hot Gospel” Part One: Spoils of War.
The sci-fi scenes with the ships and in outer space have a unique look that makes them stand out.
As Barbarella appears she is illustrated as a blonde in red who is gorgeous. There is a touch of humor to her behavior. She is drawn with the cutest butt.
As she enters alien space and is boarded she is arrested for being a bio smuggler. You will not believe what they do to her before imprisoning her. This alien world Barbarella is on is a religion based one. One you would never want to visit.
There is T&A shown so this is a mature title and sexual situations.
Barbarella is definitely not a model prisoner. She joins a spy in the ranks and they start an escape.
The action ramps up and Barbarella and the spy blasphemy against the alien religion. So basically Barbarella starts a holy war. Well, they did take something precious from her that hopefully in the coming issues she will get back.
The excitement and sexuality are both hi-lighted in this issue.

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