RICH REVIEWS: Bad Dreams in the Night

Title: Bad Dreams in the Night (GN)
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Author/Artist: Adam Ellis
Price: $ 24.99 US, $ 32.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Me and Evangeline at the Farm” A young boy has a favorite movie Evangeline it is called. The movie is about a farmer and an alien. The boy becomes a man and he remembers a movie he used to watch as a kid over and over. He can not find it though. Not anywhere. The way the story moves along it is obvious where it is going. The story is nicely told with nice art it just lacks a punch line.
“Milk Door” A woman moves into a new place and it has an old milk door in the wall. It even has a number to call for deliveries which she does. She does get delivered just not milk. What happens here is terrifying and surprising. The woman is illustrated as a normal person but she ends up in a twilight zone type situation.
“Butter Corn Ramen” A man finds a restaurant that serves a food he likes and goes back and back for more. This is a weird short story. The message here is to be careful what you eat.
“Green Ribbon” This is a slightly different take on a story that has been done a lot. It adds a little extra at the end. Yet it still is the same story retold. The art does show off a little gore, the story itself is not at all scary.
“Forest Fruit” This is a creepy story. The situation does have some nice build-up and keeps you guessing. The art is fairly plain-looking.
“Bus Stop” A girl at a bus stop sees a shop and it sells only what you need. Now this story is creepy and it has a good build-up throughout it. It leads you where it wants you to go and then you’re there. The artwork perfectly matches the story.
“Hangnail” The trouble a hangnail could cause. This situation is unnerving. Cute art the starring character a male student. He just goes too far and what happens is unrealistic yet frightening.
“Better Kate than Never” This is a strange story about a strange situation. Kate comes across as a nice cute girl. Her “family” well they are strange too.
“Little House in the Sea” Not sure what the point here was. The art is well done and does show off the mother and daughter nicely. What happens is strange but there is no reason given.
“Murder Party” A crime radio show hostess has her mystery to solve. The story takes turns going down a different path than it might have.
“Viola Bloom” the author of this book is the main character in this story. Here you will see and feel what it is like to be stalked. Only here it is not an ordinary person doing the stalking. There is a nice ominous touch of horror here. Viola Bloom would freak you out if you ever met her.
This book just might make your nightmares afraid.

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