RICH REVIEWS: Back to Fairtaylia Vol 1

Title: Back to Fairtaylia Vol 1 (GN)
Publisher: Invader Comics
Written by: Joerg Alberts and Roland Heep
Penciled & Inked by: P.R. Dedelis
Colored by: Liezl Buenaventura
Lettered by: Mike Stock
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is the first issue of a six-issue series.
When Tommy was twelve he and his four friends visited Fairtaylia a land of magical wonders. They had so many adventures together. They bonded on a deep level. Tommy breaks the one rule and Fairtaylia is lost to him and everyone.
Now years later Tommy has become an adult. He has gone through a lot being on drugs and in therapy. He is now an adult and a successful one. He is making lots of money. Then of course, it happens. His childhood comes after him.
Skippy Dippy Do Da the talking squirrel along with an army of birds plus a fairy with a chainsaw named Drinkerbell has come for Tommy now Thomas. He must save Fairtaylia and needs his four childhood friends to do it.
The art is not quite cartoonish but very close to it which does fit the story and characters perfectly.
So the gang all gets together and it’s off to save Fairtaylia. They are off to beat the Queen. Some of the characters you see are out of this world. You get to see classic mythical creatures as well as ones from movies and animation.
Tommy and his friends battle against the forces of evil. Now it’s time to get to Snow White’s castle all the evil forces are waiting as the forces of good enter the castle in a most disguising way.
The story is filled with many fun moments that will make you smile.
This book is a treat you deserve. You will find adventure, thrills, and chills, and most of all you will have a good time reading this.

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