RICH REVIEWS: Baby Tattoo Carnival of Astounding Art: Beauties/Beasts

Title: Baby Tattoo Carnival of Astounding Art: Beauties/Beasts
Publisher: Baby Tattoo
Pin-ups: Olivia De Berardinis
Monsters: Jordu Schell
Price: $ 25.00 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Website: , ,
Comments: Olivia and Jordu coming together to create this book of art featuring beauties by Olivia through her art and creatures by Jordu through his sculptures.
The forward is written by Elvira and is delivered with her usual flare and sexuality.
Olivia’s art does have nudity so this is for mature readers.
Olivia’s beatiful art side by side with Jordu’s gruesome creatures makes for a sight you will not want to miss. Beauty and horror are the perfect combination.
Wolf at the Back Door by Olivia stands out. It is her art and combines both the beauty of Betty Page and a werewolf. The colors tones are amazing in it.
Jordu’s Satan jumps out of the page at you. It has lots of detail to make it seem alive.
The Queen’s Embrace is a cosmic art of unplarralled beauty. The skin is colored in tones that are done just right.
Olivia and Jordu both show great imaginations. She comes up with such sexy poses for her subjects and he shows us a variety of monsters that are sure to frighten.
Genetic Mutation II this is a masterpiece. Nice smooth skin and a life like quality make this creation a thing of weird beauty.
Heaven Can Wait is a stunning piece from Olivia. This art really would put you in Heaven.
The Elvira picture from Olivia as she is laying down you just have to see it to believe it. This is eye candy with lovely little details.
Silver Bells is a gorgeous piece of art by Olivia with the Christmas spirit. The lines are beautifully drawn in it.
Hyena by Jordu will give you the creeps. As you look at it you expect it to attack.
Fantasies and frights great you within these pages. You will be both turned on and scared. So enter if you dare and be amazed.

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