RICH REVIEWS: Atom Bug # 2

Title: Atom Bug # 2: Jungle Hi-Power
Publisher: Michael Mauro
Story, Art, and Colors by: Michael Mauro
Cover by: Michael Mauro and Ariel Viola
Price: $ .99 US (digital)
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Lil’ Spiney is also called Chop Chop now. Why?
Atom Bug does get himself involved in one big battle. While he fights an airship approves Earth. Commander Veil captains the ship and he is one tough creature.
The Defendants aka the Freedom Fighters are desperate. There are so few of them left and so many of the enemy forces.
The story needs to tell you more about the characters so you care more about them. Yes, Atom Bug and a few others are standing strong to fight for their planet. Atom Bug needs to show he is a rallying leader who can get his race’s remaining people to gather together and fight back.
The colors are bright and vibrant. They are eye-catching. The weapons are nicely designed. Atom Bug is a hero fighting for what he believes in.

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