RICH REVIEWS: Atom Bug # 1

Title: Atom Bug # 1
Story, Art, and Colors by: Michael Mauro
Price: $ .99 US (digital)
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Asterix and his armies are on the attack as Atom Bug and Lil’ Spiney fight back. The bug aspect of all the characters is easy to see. Yellow is used a lot in the coloring of these creatures. There is some kind of fighting going on on a weird alien planet. A little more explanation would be nice.
The art itself does make all these bug creatures look cute. The weapons stand out. They are drawn sophisticated and powerful.
Now Atom Bug is dreaming and in that dream, he does see action. What does his dream mean? Then it’s back awake and ready to fight.
The glimpse of King Asterix we get is a visage you can just feel his evil.
The character of Atom Bug shows a fun-loving hero who cares about his people. Both the character and story need more information so you know enough to care more about what is going on and who is involved.
Atom Bug is an action hero and a freedom fighter. He is fighting for his planet’s freedom.

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