RICH REVIEWS: Archie’s Funhouse Spring Annual Digest # 26

Title: Archie’s Funhouse Spring Annual Digest # 26
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story: Dan Parent, Frank Doyle, George Gladir, Kathleen Webb, Angelo DeCare, Bob Bolling, Stephen Oswald, Fernando Ruiz, Jim Ruth, Mike Pellowski
Pencils: Dan Parent, Dan DeCarlo, Rex Lindsey, Stan Goldberg, Tim Kennedy, Bob Bolling, Joe Staton, Fernando Ruiz, Bill Vigoda, Chic Stone
Inks: Jim Amash, Henry Scarpelli, Rich Koslowski, John Lowe, Ken Delig, Mario Acquaviva, Bob Smith, Jon D’Agostino, Bill Vigoda, Tom Moore
Colors: Glenn Whitmore, Barry Grossman, Tito Pena & Joe Moriglio
Letters: Jack Morelli, Bill Yoshida, Maria Acquaviva, Bill Vigoda, Teresa Davidson
Cover: Dan Parent
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “On the Road Again!” The Archies are in the Philippines. This story really does not go anywhere. The Archies do end up putting on a performance which is drawn showing them as energetic.
“Bug-Busters” Dilton’s mechanical bug leads to detention for it and a few others. Archie should not pay with Dilton’s experiments that always leads to trouble of the funny kind. It is not overly funny though.
“Science Flair Drama!” Raj takes his sister Tina to the science fair. Raj does not get to film his sister’s volcano erupting but he does film her erupting. It is a cute story with cute art.
“Bee Crazy” Poor Reggie he just can not get away from the Bee. The Bee is in his thoughts and so much around him reminds him of the Bee including the Bee.
“Draw Flaw” Chuck is drawing caricatures and Mr. Weatherbee is next. Chuck draws him as he wants to be seen and thinks he is. Weatherbee loves it but it really is a caricature. It is funny how things turn out.
“On the Ball!” A fortune teller tells Reggie and Archie’s fortunes. Reggie poor thing he is starting to believe in fortune telling. Who knows it may just be real.
“Gag Drag!” The art has the heads drawn out of proportion with the bodies at times and they are drawn titled to much. The story does not deliver much at all. Reggie feels sorry for himself and than better. Nothing much to the story.
“Moon, June, Rune!” Archie’s song writing skills leave much to be desired and he should desire some song writing skills. His song is ridiculous. It is funny in a way. The old style art still looks gorgeous today.
“The Trend Setter” Archie’s new hat is something else. Archie with some help from Betty finally sees the light and the hat goes to a better place for it. Betty is shown honest but nice.
“Getting Drastic with Plastic!” Veronica is on a crusade to help the environment by eliminating plastic usage. The art looks great as she tries to make Riverdale a better place. Veronica is headstrong and when she sets her mind to something it stays set. She makes a wonderful crusader.
These stories and the many more contained within this book will give you hours of entertaining pleasure.

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