RICH REVIEWS: Archie Jumbo Comics Digest # 289

Title: Archie Jumbo Comics Digest # 289
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story: Dan Parent, Angelo DeCesare, Rich Margopoulos, Mike Pellowski, Craig Boldman, George Gladir, Frank Doyle, Barbara & Samantha Slate, Dick Malmgren, Bill Golliher, Jim Ruth, Dexter Taylor, Schwartz
Pencils: Bill Galvan, Stan Goldberg, Fernando Ruiz, Rex Lindsey, Bob Bolling, Harry Lucey, Elliot, Dick Malmgren, Tim Kennedy, Bill Golliher, Jeff Shultz, Dexter Taylor, Schwartz
Inks: Jim Amash, Bob Smith, Jimmy DeCarlo, Rudy Lapick, Henry Scarpelli, Al Milgrom, Marty Epp, Nickerson Jon D’Agostino, Harry Lucey, Mike Esposito
Colors: Glenn Whitmore, Barry Grossman
Letters: Jack Morelli, Bill Yoshida, Harry Lucey, Terry Szenics
Price: $ 6.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Room with a View!” Archie gets some help to set up his new room in the attic. With Kevin and Jughead, Archie is still Archie. With Archie, they end up needing a chainsaw and a pizza to save them. The punch line is funny.
“Don’t Forget to Remember!” Archie and his memory is something else. He is one of a kind and let’s hope it stays that way. The trouble he gets into at least never hurts anyone it just inconveniences them. It is funny to sit back and watch the situations Archie gets himself into.
“This End Up” Archie is always so considerate. Being considerate and being helpful are two different things.
“Make My Day” Having Archie wanting to help with the chores may not be a good thing. Archie is just so Archie. His poor dad though.
“Car-azy” Archie sometimes does have good luck. He may be poor but he has a rich heart. Archie is a guy who is always thinking of others.
“Sleepy Time Guy” The old style art here is beautifully done. Veronica discovers an Archie with money is not as fun as one without. Veronica learns a valuable lesson.
“Dumb Ringer!” Even when Reggie wins, Archie wins. Poor Reggie proving he is better than Archie may seem like a good idea but with Archie’s luck and Reggie’s you never know what can happen.
“Surprise” Poor Archie he tries so hard but it is never enough something always happens. The poor boy does not deserve what he gets sometimes.
“No Worries” Archie is pondering the age-old question of questions yet again. Will he ever decide? Who can say? It is a question that when answered could cause so many problems. Poor Archie. His suffering though does entertain.
“Sell Mate” A job can turn into a pleasure rather than a chore it all depends on how you look at it or how others do. The art looks great as well.
“Into The Riverdale Triangle” Archie and his dad and Veronica and her dad are on a fishing trip on the Lodge boat. Fred Andrews is a man of action when its called for. Mr. Lodge may have money and lots of stuff but Fred he has the stuff of a hero.
The art and stories will keep you riveted as you read this book. Archie is always so much fun.

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