RICH REVIEWS: Archie Halloween Spectacular

Title: Archie Halloween Spectacular
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story: Francis Bonnet, George Gladir, Dan Parent, Henry Scarpelli
Pencils: Jeff Shultz, Bob Bolling, Dan Parent, Craig Boldman
Inks: Jim Amash, Stephen
Colors: Glenn Whitmore, Barry Grossman
Letters: Jack Morelli, Phil Felix, Vickie Williams, Oswald
Cover: Jeff Shultz, Galvin Smith, R Pena
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Pranktober 31st” Can Archie scare Reggie? Well, Reggie can scare Archie. Halloween is in Riverdale and Reggie is on the prowl and so are others. The art is beautifully done. Archie is shown with frightened expressions so you know he was scared.
“The Mystery of the Museum Sleep-In” A night at the museum has Archie and Jughead looking for ghosts and finding strange things at the museum.
“Monsterbash” Archie is up for grabs at a Halloween costume party as the girls go after him. One girl in costume a Swampwitch is made obvious who is in the costume under the mask. It is still fun watching as the three girls compete to be with Archie.
“The Archie Zone” This tale is beautifully presented as if it was a Twilight Zone story. Jughead stars in this weird tale of food and just weirdness.

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