RICH REVIEWS: Archie Comics Super Special # 7

archiesuperspecialmagazine_07-0Title: Archie Comics Super Special # 7
Publisher: Archie Comics
Script: Frank Doyle, George Gladir, Bob Bolling
Pencils: Harry Lucey, Henry Scarpelli, DeCarlo, Bob Bolling
Inks: Terry Szenics, Henry Scarpelli, Lapick, Bob Smith
Letters: Bill Yoshida
Colors: Barry Grossman
Cover: Dan Parent, Bob Smith, Rosario “Tito” Peña
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Christmas Stocking!” Poor Midge just wants a kiss on Christmas. She does get kisses and Moose stands by until its just after Christmas than look out. It is fun to watch at how protective he is.
“Christmas Spirit” Archie does show everyone what Christmas is really all about. Its about giving of ones self. Thinking of others ahead of yourself.
“Nursery Rhyme Time” Veronica has fun making up her own updated nursery rhymes. The versions are cute and funny. The art is cute as well especially on the nursery rhyme characters.
“All for the Birds” Josie is shown as a caring soul and here so is Alex Cabbot. This story does focus on a cute little bird.
“Spread the Cheer” Little Archie and the gang get a feeling for what Christmas is all about. Peae, love and good will towards others.
“Snow Mistake!” Archie and Reggie are up to no good and it backfires on them. The poor guys cause the backfire involves Moose.
“Snow Drifting” This story is all about how Moose views snow. Everyone should look at it the way he does. This story pulls at your heart strings and delivers a clear message. Snow is a wondeful thing and so is Moose.
“Gift Wrapped” Well Alex and Alexandra do not fully get the Christmas spirit but they get close.
“Season Smooch” Reggie does know how to outwit Moose and Moose knows how to outwit being outwitted. Same old story Reg kisses Midge, Reg ends up in Hospital.
“Ho-Ho-Humm” Archie has a heart of gold. It will bring a tear to your eye and the girls Bety and Veronica show him their appreciation. Archie is drawn as Santa Claus and looks great.
These seasonal stories and the rest in this book will put you in the right spirit for the season.

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