RICH REVIEWS: Archie Comics Double Digest # 275

Title: Archie Comics Double Digest # 275
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story: Dan Parent, Mike Pellowski, Frank Doyle, Kathleen Webb, Hal Smith
Penils: Dan Parent, Jeff Shultz, Harry Lucey, Stan Goldberg. Fernando Ruiz
Inks: Jim Amash, Harry Lucey, Bob Smith, Milgrom, Ken Selig
Colors: Glenn Whitmore, Frank Gagliardo
Letters: Jack Morelli, Harry Lucey, Bill Yoshida
Cover: Dan Parent
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Cosmo Go!” Playing a game can and does get one into trouble especially if your Archie. Archie does have a way of always getting into trouble without trying. It does always lead to some fun situations.
“Dressing Downer” Archie plans to go out on a cold winter day. But he has to dress warm. Well so warm and bundled up Jughead beats him in coming to lunch. Poor Archie’s mom now she has to make lunch for Jughead to.
“Energy Saver” Ron sure does have energy to spare when it comes to keeping Archie all to herself. She can do amazing things beyond what you would expect. The expression of tiredness on her face is so well drawn.
“On Target” Cupid goes after Jughead. Did he ever pick a hard target to hit. Poor Cupid takes on an impossible task. Cupid here is a cute character.
“Gimme Shelter” Archie has a heart of gold and here we see it is only matched by Mr. Lodge’s. This story will give you a warm feeling.
“Night Howl” Archie poor Archie changing his habits can make for a change to his habits that he does not even notice.
“Freeze Framed” We see here some of the things that best represent winter. Kids and snow really do go together to bring out the fun of a winter season.
“The Man Who Never Was!!” A criminal comes up with a very strange and very convincing plan to steal Lodge Industries. The plan falls apart thanks to one very astute teen. Sometimes it is so wonderful to see Archie being the hero.
“The Grommit” Archie’s snowboarding leaves him wanting a snow less winter. Poor Archie so full of confidence he just lacks the skill to go with it. He does try and watching him fail can be so funny.
“A Winner Never Quits..A Quitter Never Wins!” Archie’s lack of confidence gets a boost from Coach Clayton. The morel of this story is the title and it is well presented here.
“The Snow Ball” Archie certainly does provide Betty with a unique way to get to the dance. The art shows them having so much fun together that it will brighten your day to.
Archie is one unique teen that will always make you smile.

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