RICH REVIEWS: Archie Comics Annual # 278

Title: Archie Comics Annual # 278
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story: Dan Parent, George Gladir, Angelo DeCesare, Hal Smith, Frank Doyle
Pencils: Dan Parent, Tim Kennedy, Stan Goldberg, Chic Stone
Inks: Bob Smith, Jim Amash, Mike Esposito, Rudy Lapick, Rich Koslowski
Colors: Glen Whitmore, Barry Grossman, Digikore Studios
Letters: Jack Morelli, Bill Yoshida
Cover: Dan Parent
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “From India with Love!” Here Archie and Raj travel to India. It is drawn as a lovely country. Here though Raj and Archie do a role reversal. It is cute.
“Teamwork” Archie finds teamwork is great to have both on and off the field. It is great the way this story shows people can work together to achieve more than one alone could.
“The Wild Ones” It is so funny to watch Mr. Lodge’s reactions to Archie. Even when Archie does nothing wrong he gets in trouble. Plus the way they view each other is different.
“The Invaders” A family of scam artists target Archie and the Lodges. Dr. Jughead Jones is whats needed to help out here. He can cure anything even loafers and con men. Great art showing the characters in their traditional look accompanies the story.
“Right on the Kisser” Who kisses better Betty or Veronica? Well we may never know but Archie does. The troubles he has one could only wish for. The poor guy.
“Almost Anything for a Pal” Well almost anything. Archie does have a way of getting himself into situations he should not. He does however not have a way of getting out of them. It is always fun to watch him try though.
“Lest You Forget To Remember” Poor poor Archie who ever thought having two beautiful girls after you could be so awful and dangerous. Archie looks like just your average teen but the troubles he gets into are far from average.
“The Butler Did It” Smithers gets carried away looking out for Archie to goof up. Sometimes it is not Archie that does goof up.
“Blame Game” The art here has Archie and others drawn with elongated faces. The life Archie leads is so complicated but its all worth it.
Archie in these stories and the others in this digest is such a fun and wonderful character. He is the most loved teen of all.

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