Title: ANT # 1
Publisher: Image Comics
Story/Art/Color: Erik Larsen
Flats: Mike Toris
Letters: Jack Morelli
Harworking Farm Boy: Josh Eichhorn
Based in part on the work of Mario Gully
ANT created by: Mario Gully
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The villains ANT faces are Randy Dandy, Pussyfoot, Yuck-It-Up, Quizmaster, and Half-Black and ANT is an action-packed hero diving into these villains. Hannah a young girl is shown drawing ANT’s adventure. The villains she imagines are what you might expect from a young girl.
Hannah’s life growing up is a hard one. Her dad is busy with work, her mother is not in her life, and a bully harassing her. Then things get really bad. As ANT is born in blood and death she is not someone you ever want to mess with.
The art showing ANT posing as an ant might is stunning. This origin is one amazing story wonderfully told.
This new series of ANT does make use of parts from the previous ones and improves on it. Hannah is starting her career as a super-hero and she has the right attitude. She is strong-willed yet she used to be weak of body well not anymore. Her new antennae are a deadly weapon. This new improved Hannah is ANT and evil better run.
The costume design makes use of black to highlight the costume which does fit Hannah like a second skin. The visuals of it make it and ANT jump out at you.
ANT is a hero for those who need one.

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