RICH REVIEWS: Anomalies # 4

Title: Anomalies # 4
Publisher: Big Bang Comics
Story: Chris Ecker
Artist: Ron Williams
Cover Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Matt and Sam are trying to decide who has the bigger ones. They do have a friendly fight. Which gets interrupted.
The art is black and white and very well done. You will notice the facial expressions and how each character does stand out.
The story does change locations and it is hard to keep track of which part you reading. In the villain’s stronghold Jinx is given Ultiman as a sparring partner. They have a nice match yet all is not as it seems.
Ripsaw, Pacifier, Acetalynne, and Air Hammer beat up a bunch of soldiers, why though? Who are all these characters and what is going on? Why are they fighting?
Seeing all these different superheroes and villains is wonderful. There is a lot here with different powers and abilities. They are drawn to showcase that these are people of action.
The story needs so many things explained, as it is you will have very little idea of what is going on and why. What is the purpose of all these characters, yes you can tell which are good and which are evil but that’s about it. What is the evil organization up to? You need to know about the characters so you care about what happens to them.

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