RICH REVIEWS: Angela Della Morte: We Can Destroy the Soul # 1

Title: Angela Della Morte: We Can Destroy the Soul # 1
Publisher: Red 5 Comics/Stonebot Comics
Script & Art: Salvador Sanz
Color: Gonzalo Duarte
Translation: Dario Timarchi
Lettering: Altercomics Studio
Revision: Leandro Paolini Somers & Chris Ortega
Price: $ 2.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: We see a girl enjoying the beach with her black panther. The cat is beautifully illustrated. The girl Angela looks ok but is a bit out of shape. She is joined by a man called the Sloth or Bruce.
The story here seems to start off half way into it. So many things are mentioned that are out of the blue. It will have you wondering what went on before.
Bruce does try to manipulate Angela either that or tell her the truth it is impossible to know which.
The Fluos and Sibelius are two competing organizations with each thinking they are right.
There is a lot of talk about a person’s soul. The soul does hold a important place in this futuristic sci-fi story.
The journey of the out of body souls is illustrated to perfection. The interpretation works so well to convince you the souls really are traveling through space.  The way the souls of people are used here is different plus soulless as they take over existing bodies. Is it right and where do the souls that are already in the bodies go? There are way to many things not explained here. It does make it hard to enjoy the story.
The art does make this comic worth taking a look at. It is beautifully presented.
Angel is a interesting character and she leads her team. What exactly is it that they are fighting for? It would be nice to know.

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