RICH REVIEWS: Andromeda Preview

Title: Andromeda Preview
Publisher: Ze Burnay
Writer/Artist: Ze Burnay
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a preview of the upcoming graphic novel Andromeda or The Long Way Home.
“Bugonia” The black and white art is detailed. There are no words in this story which makes it hard to follow why things are happening. Why does the bird help the man? Who is this man?
“A House On The Horizon” The man who is a mystery hunts an animal down and kills it. Why? The art is nicely detailed and the backgrounds are richly drawn. All the mythological creatures are very well illustrated. The story makes little to no sense. Things need to be explained some so you the reader will have an idea what is going on.
“Our Mother The Mountain” The wolf and forest are wonderfully illustrated. You will feel like you are there as you are drawn into these drawings. The animals are all gorgeously illustrated even in the unfinished parts. There is topless nudity so it is for a mature audience.
The story in this preview since the book is unfinished is hard to follow. When it is finished hopefully it will be easier to follow. The art makes this well worth picking up.

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