RICH INTERVIEWS: Amy Grimes Actress Werewolves from Outer Space

First Comics News: How did you first get into working on movies?

Amy: I went to an audition for a local film. After my audition, I added that I would not mind helping with the film behind the scenes if I were better suited there.

1st: Why did you want to be in “Werewolves from Outer Space”?

Amy: A friend of mine that I have worked with on other film sets was a lead role in the film. I wanted to help with the film and when I was offered the role my first thought was acting with her would be fun!

1st: Do you have any violent or emotional scenes in the movie?

Amy: Yes. My character is grumpy throughout the film as a reaction to the earth’s climate. I also have a very drawn out dying scene.

1st: How did it feel being made up as a werewolf with long claws?

Amy: Itchy! I couldn’t touch my face or blow my nose for fear of smearing the makeup. Once the claws were on it was difficult if not impossible to pick anything up, get into my car, or drive.

1st: What personality do you give to Jowls?

Amy: Overly protective, confident, angry with a side of violent.

1st: Did you find working with the other actors helped you to be a better actor?

Amy: Absolutely! I don’t think I would have taken this as my first acting role without already knowing almost everyone from working on sound in other films. The feeling I got from my friends in this film that they really believed in me and that I could do this certainly helped me open up to this role.

1st: What does working on sound on a movie involve?

Amy: Learning how to use the equipment to match the environment, teamwork, and being prepared to stand, hold a boom mic, or walk for long periods of time are essential. I’ve learned to care more about hearing the film than watching it always adjusting the sound levels so that it’s not too loud or too soft and not picking up too much unwanted background noise. Sometimes it takes patience to get a scene wrapped because of waiting for cars, trains, or airplanes to pass by. It can be uncomfortable at times having to turn off fans, air conditioning, heaters or certain appliances so that the noise they make is not heard.

1st: Did you have fun on the set of “Werewolves from Outer Space”?

Amy: Absolutely! We had fun becoming alien werewolves. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

1st: Do you want to do more acting if so why or why not?

Amy: Sure! I have enjoyed being on stage since I was 4. Life always seems to bring me back to the set in one way or another and I’m comfortable and at home there. I had a lot of fun acting but I also enjoy production sound. Just being part of the team and for that short time becoming a film family and meeting like goals is a great experience.

1st: What would be your ideal acting role?

Amy: I enjoy anything horror or thriller and am flexible and happy with any role in the genre.

1st: What is next for your career?

Amy: I’m still available for production sound in the future. I have an acting role in Ghost House coming up in the next few months I’m really excited about.

1st: What genre of movie do you like to watch?

Amy: I love horror and thrillers but occasionally enjoy comedy and action films.

1st: If you had long sharp claws and fangs like a werewolf how would you use them?

Amy: I would learn how to open cans without a can opener. I may eat differently no longer needing a knife. lol, Its possible to use my claws for rare artworks!

1st: Any advice for someone thinking of getting into acting?

Amy: Never give up on your dreams! They could be much closer to reality than you think. Most importantly always believe in yourself and that you can do anything you allow yourself to.

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