RICH REVIEWS: Amelia Sky # 3

Title: Amelia Sky # 3
Publisher: Prismacation
Creator, Writer: Jermaine M. Boyd
Artist: Gywnn Tavares
Editor: Brittany Matter
Letterer: Kuen Tang
Price: $ 2.99 US (digital)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Here we see a girl Amelia running for her life some woman is out to get her but also shriekers are coming up fast. The shriekers are frightening creatures that stay in shadow as they close in. If you ever saw one of these hideous things in real life it could give you a heart attack just from seeing it. All the skeletal bodies around her indicate a huge burial ground.
Amelia finds herself now with a man Aaron who comes across as a nice helpful caring man. This man has a huge conspiracy theory. What he proposes is way out there and it may be right. The more Amelia is with Aaron the more apparent it becomes he is not fully sane.
Aaron is full-on insane as he makes very clear to Amelia. She is just a little girl but knows he needs help. Her reaction shows some maturity in her beyond her years.
Something is going on with Amelia, something that makes her different than others. It is amazing how she can look after herself and survive in this world filled with walking terrors. Amelia is one girl that just keeps going and she is full of hope. With the living nightmare she is living she has to be.

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