RICH REVIEWS: Amelia Sky # 1

Title: Amelia Sky # 1
Publisher: Self Published
Creator, Writer: Jermaine M. Boyd
Illustrator: Gywnn Tavares
Editor: M.J. Saam
Concept and Cover Art: Mike Redman
Letterer: AW’s Zakk Saam
Price: $ 2.84 US (digital)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The introduction written by Jermaine M. Boyd will have you hooked on this comic even before you start it. His introduction is so smoothly written. He touches on the different aspects of the comic briefly and has a way of drawing you in so you know you want to read and see this comic book.
The color-washed art gives this book a unique look. The art does bring out the emotions of the people.
The action is intense as parents try to protect their daughter. Then a month later Amelia wakes up alone. Amelia finds a dog to join her as she tries to find her way in this new post-apocalyptic world. The dog’s name is Ace. Somehow Amelia just knows this.
Eleanor is helpful to Amelia and Ace is her dog. This new world has many dangers that Amelia encounters before Eleanor helps her to safety.
Amelia has parcial amnesia. As Amelia goes home you feel the terror as shriekers attack her. She is a young girl alone in a world full of deadly aliens and her terror will make you afraid.
This is a terrifying look at what could happen in a future where a girl has to face the world on her own with only a little help from new friends. Amelia is inspiring as she faces her fears and her hopes as she explores this strange scary new world.

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