RICH REVIEWS: All New Michael Turner’s Fathom # 1

Title: All New Michael Turner’s Fathom # 1
Publisher: Aspen Comics
Writer: Blake Northcott
Pencils: Marco Renna
Digital Inks: Mark Roslan
Colors: John Starr
Letters: Zen
Cover: Marco Renna & John Starr
Variant Covers: Alex Konat & Peter Streigerwald, Jordan Gunderson & Jogn Starr, Talent Caldwell & Peter Streigerwald, Michael Turner & Peter Streigerwald, Michael Turner & Job Sibal, Keu Cha & Peter Streigerwald and Keu Cha.
Fathom Created by: Michael Turner
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Aspen is investigating an underwater sinkhole six hundred feet below. Aspen is drawn with one killer body. It is a thing of beauty. Aspen finds a so-called underwater God. He starts a battle. Aspen and this guy both have the same water powers.
Aspen as the battle progresses we see she is a super-hero. If innocents are in danger she protects them.
The warrior of the Typhos of strength and skill.
It is mentioned a lot about Aspen being scantily clad. In comparison to other comics super-heroes, she is not. A full top and a bikini bottom are more than some wear.
In the battle, Aspen ends up with the warrior’s weapon his Glaive. It is more than just a weapon too. It gives Aspen a costume. The costume does look amazing on her.
The story is simple and the art good. The story could use more explaining what is going on rather than just assuming you know from previous comics of Fathom.
Aspen herself is written as a great super-hero.

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