RICH REVIEWS: Alien Toilet Monsters # 1

Title: Alien Toilet Monsters # 1
Publisher: Omnimorphic
Written by: Carol Zara & Eric Barnett
Art & Story by: Eric Barnett
Cover A & B: Eric Barnett
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Nice opening scenes that add a twist as you start reading this comic. The art giving you a stunning surprise.
Multi-Universes exist and here in this one exists Frank. He owns a bar. He comes across as a nice guy and his staff are an eccentric lot.
The advertising is a cool part of the comic. It adds a nice touch of humor.
Now all of a sudden out of the blue we see Carol Zara. She is illustrated as a beauty. The red of her bra and panties match her skin tone wonderfully. Carol is not really gotten into much in this issue she is mainly just introduced to us the readers.
The story introduces the idea of different dimensions that it is possible to go back and forth from one to another.
The I.M.P.D. are illustrated to grab your attention. The use of red and black just makes them pop out at you.
Well, one thing you might have been expecting to see in this issue is missing. It should turn up soon in future issues.
This book is great for setting up the story and introducing you to the characters.
Frankie is a wonderful character whom you will identify with and find yourself rooting for him.

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