RICH REVIEWS: Alice Never After # 2

Title: Alice Never After # 2
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Created by: Dan Panosian
Written by: Dan Panosian
London Illustred by: Dan Panosian
Wonderland Illustrated by: Giorgio Spalletta with assistance by Cyril Glerum
Colored by: Francesco Segala with assistance by Gloria Martinelli
Lettered by: Jeff Eckleberry
Cover by: Dan Panossian
Variant Covers by: Miguel Mercado, Adam Hughes, Dan Panosian
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Alice is dressing up as the Red Queen and she is a vision of loveliness. Her checkerboard leggings really stand out. She is the Queen of Hearts.
In the real world Alice’s Dr. father and the former warden are having a nice conversation about how she will blackmail him.
The Cheshire Cat and Alice find themselves both in a courtroom as the Cheshire Cat wants Alice’s ban lifted. He wants back into Wonderland. The art is used to show he is a sly lying little devil. Alice does hate the Cheshire Cat and the Cheshire Cat has a way of twisting things around in his favor. Alice now she comes up with a good question where is the White Rabbit always running off to that he is late for?
Alice as Queen now also has a chose to make. Will she choose? In Wonderland, inside Alice’s head in her imagination anything is possible.
In the real world Alice’s sister is trying to find a way to help her even as Alice’s father is trying to find a way to make her condition worse.
The mixing of reality and imagination works so well here. Alice in either world is a delight and so easy to fall in love with. Her beauty is both outside and within.

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