RICH REVIEWS: After Houdini

Title: After Houdini (GN)
Publisher: Insight Comics
Written by: Jeremy Holt
Illustrated by: John Lucus
Colors by: Adrian Crossa
Price: $ 16.99 USRating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Josef Houdini after his father Harry died or did he, he takes his place as a special government agent. Josef has the ability to tap into real magic. There are a group of magicians and each one has a certain manipulation they are the master of. Josef’s is restraint manipulation.
The story in about Josef becoming an agent yet the story does not explain other things well enough. Joseph Houdini now known as Eric White his under cover name. Why he has one who knows.
Josef gets a partner Special Agent Sarah Cooper.
The art does match the earlier time period.
The story has characters come and go in it without them being fully used or explained why they are there. Now the story has Josef looking for his father.
There is an amazing battle scene of magic users both good and evil fighting. Who are all the bad guys? Why are their heads upside down? The magical release of energy is illustrated wonderfully.
Any comic with Harry Houdini in it and his son has some great characters and add in Sir Author Conan Doyle. The characters were all great but they needed to be used better and the villains needed to e explained more what they were doing and who they were.
Josef does make for a magical heir for Harry.

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