RICH REVIEWS: African-American Heroes

Title: African-American Heroes
Publisher: All Day Breakfast Productions
Editor: Mike Gagnon
Guest Editor: Danny Kaye
Foreword by: Joe Louis
Price: $ 7.35 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: www.all day
Comments: “Wizard of Science” George Washington Carver was one hard worker and well-liked. Carver was a genius. He knew how to handle plants. This man was ahead of his time. Carver was a great man who contributed so much to the world.
“Victory at Climbach” Lt. Charles Thomas and the men of the 614th tank destroyer battalion are featured here. He served his country well and was very brave. He put his own life at risk while protecting his men and doing his duty.
“Beloved Teacher” Mary McLeod Bethune believed in education. She pushed and educated her people. Mary was inspiring to all those around her.
“A Mighty Man Was He” Seaman Charles French was a brave navy man and his physical prowess was outstanding. He had a strength within him that few could match.
“Paul Robeson” Paul excelled at all he did. He was a sportsman, a scholar, a singer, and an actor. He was still a common man and treated others as equals.
“Sacrifice at Sea” Coast Guardsman Charles David pushes himself to save others. He makes the ultimate sacrifice so others may live.
“North to the Pole” Matt Henson is an explorer who did face hardships to help others achieve their goal.
The old-style art here is still awesome in this day and age. It brings across the characters and the feel of the time period these stories take place in.
This comic does show that so many African Americans contributed a lot to society

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