RICH REVIEWS: Aerobicide The Extreme Ninja Workout # 1

Title: Aerobicide The Extreme Ninja Workout # 1
Publisher: Shonuff Studio
Creator/Writer/Artist/Letterer: Terry Parr
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Chapter 1: Aerobicide The Extreme Ninja Workout.
Sheri Ken is a motivated dancer who wants to make it big as a professional dancer. Now she also has deadly ninjas after her.
The art is cartoon style yet very violent. Ninjas die.
We do get a very brief story synopsis. A more detailed one to know what and why things are going on would nice.  This short Chapter One does show you the star of this comic and that she has skills and can fight plus she has fun doing it.
Chapter 2: Double Bubble Blow!; Writer David Doub, Artist Cal Slayton, and Color by Halo Toons.
The fight here between Sheri and a drug lord is unbelievable its bubble gum vs an uzi. The villain wearing tights and covered in gum presents a wonderful drawing.
Chapter 3: Blockbuster Night!; Writer David Doub, and Art by Terry Parr.
While returning a movie Sheri finds herself in a battle against classic horror monsters. The fight does not really make a lot of sense as things happen. Of course, a Heavy Metal Aerobics Instructor does not either yet it does work. She is drawn nice and cute, not overly sexual.
This comic is like a movie from the ’80s filled with gorgeous women and yes ninjas. Sheri Ken does get into some dangerous situations that require her unique talents to get out of. Sheri Ken is as deadly as she is beautiful and ready for all-out action.

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