RICH REVIEWS: Adventures In Pulp Presents # 3: The Four Horsemen

Title: Adventures In Pulp Presents # 3: The Four Horsemen
Publisher: Adventures in Pulp
Created/Written by: Brett Harris
Art by: Matthew Gantt Childers
Colored by: Matthew Gantt Childers
Cover by: Matthew Gantt Childers
Lettered by: Matthew Gantt Childers
Price: $ .99 Digital
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The story is told like a fairy tale as you read through it. There is a good Witch, an evil Wizard, and an evil King. The Wizard is shown very evilly as he tries to kill the Witch. So she calls the Five Horsemen. These Horsemen fight for honor, respect, reward, survival, Well the book says five but only four come.
These Four Horsemen are as different as can be which is a nice unique touch to the story.
The story does flow along smoothly and the art goes great with it. The Witch is drawn as a beautiful woman and the Horsemen as fighters one and all. The undead has a frightening look but not so much that a child could not read this.
The Fifth Horsemen we get a glimpse of. Will he join the others? He is an ominous looking being.
The story is only sixteen pages long so it is short. It makes good use though of those pages to deliver an action-packed and dramatic issue.

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