RICH REVIEWS: A Legacy of Violence

Title: A Legacy of Violence (TPB)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Andrea Mum
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Price: $ 17.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: This collects issues five through eight.
Things are going on and people have been tortured nothing is explained. It is so hard to follow what is going on here. If you have not read the previous issues you will have no idea what and why things are happening and even if you have you will have very little.
Dr. Blessinger was a scientist who pushed things to the extreme and had no morals about killing people in his experiments.
The art looks ok but other than the people being tortured it just shows people standing around. The blood on the tortured victims does stand out nicely.
The series needs to be more focused, it needs to be more easy to read and follow what is going on. The Killer is not even shown here. Plus it is mentioned about him having a plan for involving the doctors.
The series does not seem to go anywhere. Yes, the serial killer is cool to begin with but what next?
The killer’s presence is felt even when he is not about. The medical staff seem unsure what to do. They do wonder about finding a broken-down house. This house is beautifully illustrated as a dilapidated old building.
The killer does want to control everything. He even forces Dr. Miller to perform an act of unspeakable horror.
The blood, the swastika, and the dark setting all give an ominous atmosphere to this comic.
The Sheriff, the doctor, Monica, and some other girls are in an intense situation.
Monica seems calm as the Sheriff takes her away. The doctor now seems upset and he believes the killer is killing him because of him. It is so hard to follow what is going on here. He is having dreams of torture. Again why though? Having some mystery is good yet you also need some clues to what is going on.
Monica does make for a good fall woman. The killer only appears once in this issue yet his presence does elicit some fear not a lot though.
The art is atmosphere setting in a sad moody way that should be more suspenseful. This is like a low-budget horror movie.
The Sheriff is a common sense man who does want to do his job the best he can. He just has little in the way of extras. He is on his own. He comes across as the star of this comic.
The killer does have a way of making others do as he wants.
731 is a unit from long ago.
Lots of doctors have been killed by this serial killer and lots of villagers. This killer thinks he is right in what he does and wants to recruit a couple of people to his side.
Yes, the Killer is shown to have a frightening attitude and look.

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