RICH REVIEWS: .357 Magnum Opus

Title: .357 Magnum Opus (HC)
Publisher: Artillery Network
Written by: Ghezal Omar
Illustrated by: MingChen Shen
Cover by: MingChen Shen & Josh Gillick
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The interiors are black and white. The art looks great and we get to see some hard hitting fights.
Sexx and her partner Kassius have a mission to pick up a guy and some money. More of an explanation is sorely needed as to what is going on and why and who are all these people.
There is a scene with a guy and his Mistress. It would be nice to know what they have to do with the story. The Mistress is drawn as a beautiful woman.
Sexx and Kassius have picked up Cyndi again what does she have to do with what is going on.
Lyndon Baines is the bad guy and yes he is a criminal. He is a killer thats for sure. What other criminal activities is he into? It would be nice to know.
Who is the smart ass guy that Lyndon is after? Ok Bastian is after hidden money. The story is finally two thirds of the way in starting to make a little sense.
So finally Sexx and Kassius find Bastian. Now things start moving faster and the bullets start flying fast and furious. Sexx does finally get to Lyndon. The action is hard hitting.
Sexx and Kassius do make a good team. Cyndi fits in good with them as well. Bastian is a scum bag and Lyndon is a killer. Sexx and Kassius do make tough bounty hunters.

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