RICH REVIEWS: America Alchemist # 1

Title: America Alchemist Preview # 1
Publisher: Carnal Comics
Written by: Christopher Perguidi
Art by: Ezequiel rubio
Price: free online
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: Demi has a Pope chasing her until she turns the tables so he is serving her or he thinks she is serving him.
This comic is short only 13 pages long. Plus this comic treats Demi way differently than her past comics have. She is way toned down so this is an all-ages comic.
The Pope with Demi faces off against General Gaston with Erika America. The sides are drawn.
A proofreader was needed on this.
The characters in the art are hard to fully make out. Too much black filler is used. The features are not clear on the characters. It is poorly illustrated. The beauty of Demi and Erika is not shown off at all and no poses are trying to specifically do so.
The two characters Erika America and Demi the Demoness are great one only problem is they are not properly used here. They just are, yet they do next to nothing in this comic. It is such a waste of great characters.
Well, Demi does get what she wanted. There was no big fight. There was hardly any action at all. This issue is a letdown.

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