This February, witness the ruthless result of minor wrongdoing with the acclaimed sci-fi thriller Defective.

From writer-director Reese Eveneshen, director of Dead Genesis, and genre specialist Uncork’d Entertainment comes the highly-anticipated Defective, premiering on VOD February 13. In the near future, the corporation S.E.A., has implemented North America’s first and only police state. Uniformed, anonymous Preservers of Peace investigate, judge, and sentence people for even the smallest of crimes. The punishment? Instant public execution. Rhett Murphy and his sister Jean must escape certain execution after witnessing the dark secrets of the nefarious corporation.

Colin Paradine, Raven Cousens, and Ashley Armstrong star in a Reese Eveneshen film, available 2/13 on VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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Colin Paradine  … Rhett Murphy
Raven Cousens  … Jean Harlan
Ashley Armstrong  … Ora Green
Dennis Andres … Pierce Felton
Jamie Tarantini  … Allison Jacobs (as Jamie Elizabeth Sampson)
Nick Smyth … Don
Ry Barrett  … Primary Suit / Dr. Osiris
Andrei Preda  … Farewright
Christopher Spaleta  … Principal Suit / Fowl Assistant
Erin Stuart … Peyton
Neil Affleck  … Breckeridge
Diana Goldman … Rosalind
Jason Bigio  … Homeless Man
Malcolm Taylor  … Sampson
Kat Krawczuk  … The Thing

Written & Directed by: Reese Eveneshen
Produced by: Peter Szabo, Reese Eveneshen, Isaac Elliott-Fisher

Official Site:

Run Time: 1 hr, 41 min
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The movie starts out slow with no direction. There are robots running around killing people. Why?
The State Enforcement Agency is using the robots to enforce whatever they want. The robots enforce the smallest of law infractions. This is a police state.
Rhett Murphy decides to run from this police state. Jean Harlan his sister joins him. Jean using a frying pan on one of the robots is cool to see.
Than we see the robots bleed. Are they androids? Are they robots? Or people in suits with armor? It is unclear what these Preservers of the Peace are.
Ora Green is put in charge of finding the two runaways. Ora and Rhett have some great fight scenes, very realistic.
The fighting does get bloody.
The movie focuses on the love between a brother and sister. These two will do anything to protect each other.
Finally they do explain what a Preserver is.
For some unknown reason Rhett is called Shawn in the last third of the movie with no reason for why.
Ora, Jean and Rhett/Shawn are going to shut down the Preservers program. They do find a woman in a lab with one very sexy nude butt. Jean though has been turned yet she does fight.
Is the nude woman something other than human? The Thing does not speak but you will love watching her move her nude butt. It is the best part of the movie.

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