RICH REVEIWS: Gimmie Five # 1

Title: Gimmie Five # 1
Publisher: Skilletfire Studios
Stories by: Scott Eckelaert
Art by: JW Harp
Edited by: Lise Johnson
Back Cover by: Lise Johnson
Price: $ 6.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Retribution” Ben is just a guy looking to buy a nice truck He gets his chance only the sellers are not so nice. These two sellers get what they want and they are not at all sad about the harm they cause. Fate has a way of dealing with those who truly deserve retribution and here that is exactly what happens. The art has a pastel type of look yet it does have detail and it works well with the story.
“Red Rube!” Red Rube is a superhero. He is not altruistic. He does right yet is not above talking payment. He is not your typical superhero, he is more like your average guy. His personality has a way of getting on your nerves.
“Sheirin” The young girl here has problems. Yes, she has powers yet they cause her more pain than help. She is a normal child in most respects. You will quickly come to care about her and what happens to her. Most times here the art is just there yet a few times it jumps out at you.
“Mudd” Henry Mudd was just an ordinary man things changed and now he is something more. He is out for vengeance. Those who caused his affliction will pay and pay dearly. The pin-up at the end of this story is a terrifying rendition of a monster.
“Red Demon” Nathy is possessed and this is her story and the demon who possesses her. The art gorgeous shows off the demonic presence. Nathy is beautifully suited up and ready to battle evil.
The five-page stories are just enough to get you interested in them. The Golden Age Public Domain characters are ones you rarely hear of yet all are exciting. You will be thrilled with the adventures here.

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