RICH REIVEWS: Puppet Master: Curtain Call # 3

Title: Puppet Master: Curtain Call # 3
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Written by: Shawn Gabborin
Art by: Daniel J. Logan
Colors by: Yann Perrelet
Cover: Daniel J.Logan
Variant Covers: Kelly Williams, Dan Mendoza
Colors by: Yann Perrelet
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Anapa is a horrifying creature as he is illustrated and written. Anthony and Anapa are having an internal struggle as they fight to see who controls the body. As they struggle the rest of the puppets both good and evil are in a life and death struggle against each other.
Anapa takes everything thrown at him and just keeps coming. Here like so many other times we see love is stronger than evil.
Anthony gives the puppets except one a resting place as their souls move on. It is a happy ending in its way.
This issue also tells you on a second ending the author came up with which in its way is even happier. You cam choose which one you like best. The first though does leave it open for the puppets to return. Well so does the second one just in a different way.
The puppets of the Puppet Master live on and hopefully will never die.

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