RICH INTERVIEWS: Sean ForneyArtist/Co-Creator for Scarlet Huntress

First Comics News: How did you and your wife Stephanie come up with the idea for “Scarlet Huntress”?

Sean Forney: Scarlet came out of a brainstorming session that Steph and I had on the way home from a convention. I was asked if I wanted to be in an anthology book and I needed an original story. We tossed around a few ideas, had some late night phone calls, and finally settled on a story surrounding the folklore of Little Red Riding Hood and werewolves.

1stWho exactly is Scarlet?

SeanScarlet is a strong young woman who’s mother was murdered, which caused her to spin into a rebellious phase and run away from home. Her Grams tried to raise her the best she could, but it took Grams falling ill to get Scarlet to return home and learn the truth about her mother’s death. Her mother was a werewolf huntress (all the women in their family are) and was murdered by a werewolf clan leader. Scarlet began training as the new huntress, earned her first werewolf kill, and continues to search for answers as to who exactly killed her mother and why.

1st: What motivates Scarlet?

Sean: Scarlet is motivated by a lot of revenge, frustration, and longing for answers.

1st: Who is Vincent and how will readers feel about him?

Sean: Vincent is the mysterious villain. He’s a werewolf clan leader of the underground, but on the surface, he’s a popular businessman in the city. Readers still don’t know a ton about Vincent, but hopefully, they’re intrigued by his actions and excited to hate him.

1st: What is a Cryptoid?

Sean: For the purposes of our story, a cryptid is a supernatural animal creature. Most definitions say that a cryptid is an animal who’s existence is unsubstantiated – there’s no proof they exist. There are many cryptid creatures out there – all around the world – existing in folklore and stories passed down through generations. Other cryptids include gremlins, bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, chupacabra, Mothman, and more.

1st: What is the attraction people have for werewolves?

Sean: I think there is a lot of narrative surrounding werewolves. Folklore and mythology that has existed for hundreds of years, not just in popular culture today. They are exciting and mysterious and vicious all at the same time, and everyone has their own take on how they’re made, where they come from, and what their motives are.

1st: How do you show that a werewolf is evil or are they all evil?

Sean: In our story, the werewolves are currently all villains. Some are evil by intention, and others are drawn into the werewolf clan by recruitment.

1st: When will the next issue come out and why are you using Kickstarter for your comic?

Sean: The Kickstarter has a fulfillment date of December 2019. Some of the art is complete, but there’s still a lot of coloring, lettering, and editing to do to complete the book. We chose Kickstarter because of our strong history on the site, having already completed two successful Kickstarter campaigns already. We use the crowdfunding method because we hope to reach a larger audience and get more books into more readers’ hands.

1st: What is going to happen next in the storyline of “Scarlet Huntress”?

Sean: The new Kickstarter book is called Scarlet Huntress Adventures. It is a collection of 3 short stories.

Scarlet vs. the Gremlins – Scarlet is alerted to werewolf trouble at an Air Force base but ends up tangling with a new adversary, gremlins. She must find a way to rid the base of these Cryptids quietly before the military finds out she’s there!

Scarlet Goes to Comic-Con – Continues the story featuring the artwork on display at the Greater Columbus Convention Center as part of the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority collection. In the story, Scarlet investigates rumblings of a werewolf sighting and adventure ensues when she arrives and finds a huge surprise!

The Secret Amulet – After Scarlet tracked down the mansion where her mother’s suspected killer was supposed to be hiding only to find a note and a dagger, Scarlet is now looking for clues to the dagger’s origin. Hoping to find some answers leading to her mother’s killer again, she seeks help from Grams’ old friend but stumbles upon a theft ring, werewolves, an amulet, and more questions than answers!

1st: How do you feel about your work on the “Michael Turner Legacy” comic book?

Sean: I feel honored to be a part of such a great project and cause. Michael Turner was a huge inspiration to me growing up as a young artist and was always positive and helpful to me when I started out. All the proceeds from the book went to the American Cancer Society, a non-profit organization that is close to my heart.

1st: What is some advice you have for other artists?

Sean: Draw every day. You can always get better. You need a strong backbone and work ethic to make it in this business.

1st: Do you and your wife Stephanie have any more ideas for other comics?

Sean: We do! But they’re under wraps until we figure out what to do with them.

1st: How do you think you would react to coming face to face with a real live werewolf?

Sean: Remember to always be prepared – hope that you have something silver on you to fight with or hope that Scarlet is close-by to save you.

1st: What would you like to say to the fans of “Scarlet Huntress” and future fans?

Sean: To the fans and supporters – Thanks for sticking with us for the past 15 years. It’s been quite the adventure! We hope you enjoy the stories and the art, and that you’ll continue to read Scarlet Huntress and other comics. We hope you give the new book a try through the Kickstarter – we plan on continuing Scarlet’s story and bringing you new books and new art.

Here’s a link to the preview of the Kickstarter. We’ll go live on Thursday, March 21st.

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