First Comics News: What first made you get into cosplaying?

Sapphire Nova: Honestly I feel like I’ve been doing it since I was born but the time I really consider as my starting point was when I was 15 years old and the Lord of the Rings movies came out in theatres. I wanted so badly to be an elf that I would dress up for the premieres as one. At the theatre, I met other people in costume and I had so much fun learning there were other people in the world with the same interest as mine. Eventually, this led me to the convention scene where I realized I could make and wear costumes anytime I wanted as opposed to having to wait for the next movie to come out.

1st: What has been your favorite cosplay to date and why?

Sapphire: That’s so hard for me to say. I feel like it changes with each new costume. If I had to pick one favorite, I would have to say Lady Death. First – I love the costume so much. It’s such a beautiful design and I am so proud to say I made it and I get to show it off. I knew the second I saw this particular design for Lady Death that I wanted to make it. I spent months staring at the cover trying to envision how I would bring it to life. Second – I love the character. She’s so strong and confident. It’s really a joy to get to get to portray her and feel some of her power. Finally – the fans! People really love Lady Death as a character and it is such a joy to see their reactions to my cosplay. I am truly thankful that people seem to think I do her justice!

1st: You make an awesome Lizard why did you decide to do this cosplay?

Sapphire: I was watching The Amazing Spider-Man and it made me think of a “What if” scenario – What if Gwen Stacy became the Lizard as opposed to Curt Connors? Once the idea took hold I just had fun combining the two characters and creating the makeup look that I wanted for the character. I made sure that the arm that became my “lizard arm” was my right arm so that it would be like I had lost and regrown my dominant arm just like Curt Connors. It’s just a little detail that I don’t ever think anyone would notice but it makes me feel more like the character. I really enjoy analyzing my cosplays like that.

1st: You do a beautiful White Queen how did people react to this cosplay?

Sapphire: That’s so sweet! Everyone seems to love it as much as I do. There are over 6,000 real Swarovski Crystals on it so it’s very eye catching – especially in the sun! Everyone has been very encouraging about it and it makes it all worth the time it took to hand place every stone. I’m also still working on improving it. I like to modify costumes until I get them just the way I like it. Basically, I’m saying I’m never satisfied.

1st: How do you find the fans at the cons you attend?

Sapphire: The fans are always the best! The con scene is great because it brings together so many people that all enjoy the same things. Everybody is so supportive and I love making new friends with every new convention I attend! It’s the fans and the great reactions I get to my cosplays that encourages me to keep creating. I love when a fan comes up and tells me that I am cosplaying one of their favorite characters!

Rich: How did you become involved with Brian Pulido?

Sapphire: I’ve been a Lady Death fan for quite a while so when I heard Brian was going to be at a convention I was going to I knew I had to get my Lady Death Cosplay ready for it. I was so excited to debut my Cosplay and show it to him! He seemed to really appreciate all the hard work I put into making his character come to life and we ended up remaining in contact after that.

1st: Your cosplay of Lady Death is amazing did you do it all yourself?

Sapphire: Thank you! It’s the costume I am most proud of! I made all the armor for it all by myself – and I have the burns to prove it. Haha. I put a lot of work into it to make sure that every detail was perfect. I am really proud of the way the bones turned out on the armor because they turned out exactly the way I had envisioned them. I used worbla and rolled the pieces out to create the look I wanted. The cloak and the scythe I had the help from a couple of other designers that work with me at Superheroes Unlimited. Together we were able to create something I am so excited to show off.

1st: Do you get into character as Lady Death and other cosplays you do?

Sapphire: I try to as much as possible. There are some characters that are much more my personality than others, like Starfire for example. Lady Death and a few of my other characters are more difficult to be in character for during conventions. I’m an actress so I’m pretty good at playing different characters but I have difficulty with the characters that are more villainous, standoffish, reclusive, etc because I always want people to feel they can approach me. I would feel terrible if someone didn’t feel comfortable to come and say hi or ask for a picture or anything like that because I was playing a character and they didn’t understand that that’s not really my personality. I find it’s a weird line to balance.

1stHave you read any Lady Death comics, if so what do you think?

Sapphire: I love Lady Death. I think it’s such a great comic about having to adapt to whatever life throws at you and never giving up. I truly love her story of finding herself and doing whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves. I actually feel I relate to her more and more as life progresses and if I can have one ounce of her strength in real life then I will consider myself truly lucky. I think anyone who hasn’t read Lady Death should really give it a try!

1st: How do you get your skin so pale white for the Lady Death cosplay?

Sapphire: Lots and lots of body paint! I’m getting really good at body painting these days but it still takes me about 2 and a half hours every time I wear the costume. I do all the painting myself with a makeup brush and sponge. Most convention mornings I have to get up around 4/5 am to get all the painting done in time for the con! That’s what commitment is! Haha.

1st: Who or what is Superheroes Unlimited?

Sapphire: Superheroes Unlimited is the custom costume making company that my husband and I created. We brought together a whole team of cosplayers and designers so that we can create any costume request that comes to us. Our motto is “anything you can send us a picture of, we can make!” We make armor, weapons, props, fabric costumes and everything in between! So if anyone is looking for a costume, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages!

1st: Who would you like to cosplay as next and why?

Sapphire: I am currently working on Ashe from League it Legends. I think the design for her costume is so beautiful and intricate. I am really excited to build her bow! I’m an archer in real life so anytime I get to play a character with a bow I get excited. I’ve also got a couple other characters that I am working on so you’ll have to check back to see what those ones are going to be!

1st: Which super-hero that you have cosplayed as would you most like to have their powers and why?

Sapphire: Can I be greedy and say “I Dream of Starfire?” I feel like she would have all of Jeannie’s AND all of Starfire’s powers so I’d get the best of both worlds! I think being a genie and being able to do things like fly and shoot starbolts would be pretty awesome. Honestly, I would take the power of flight in a heartbeat! I think that would be such a thrill-ride!

1st: Anything you would like to say to all your adoring fans?

Sapphire: “Thank you!” I really can’t even begin to say how wonderful it feels to have so many amazing people appreciate what I’m doing. Every nice comment on Social Media, every asks for a photograph, every person that just wants to come up and say hi – all these things mean the world to me and make me feel so honored to be able to do what I do! I really don’t know how else to express the gratitude I feel other than simply saying “Thank you!”

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