RICH INTERVIEWS: Sandy Gimpel Stunt Lady/Actress

First Comics News: As a child were you into sports or physical activities is that how you became a stunt lady?

Sandy Gimpel: I was a dancer from the age of 3 years old. Mom wanted to keep my sister and me busy so as not to get into trouble.

Who were your mentors for being a stunt lady?

Sandy: My mentor was Paul Stater who got me started into stunts doubling Bill Mumy on Lost In Space. As I went on Mickey Gilbert and Benie Dobbins were always there to help me.

1st: What is involved in being a stunt coordinator?

Sandy: Being a Stunt Coordinator is a very responsible job; you have to get the right people to do whatever stunts are required and are the best for the job. You also help the director get the shots he needs and help design the stunts so they are safe.

1st: You played the role of a Talosian in Star Trek what was the hardest and easiest part about it?

Sandy: The hardest part of being a Talosian probably was the makeup. It took about 3 hours to do and about one hour to take it off. Doing the job you had to know the dialogue so when they were read off you could make the veins in your head move like you were talking.

1st: Was it weird seeing yourself made up as a Talosian yet when the Talosian talked it was not your voice?

Sandy: I was used to playing characters in costume so when I saw the show and me being a Taloian and someone else’s voice I never thought about it being weird just part of the process.

1st: How did the costume and make-up feel for the M113 Salt Monster?

Sandy: The Salt Monster M113 costume was very difficult because I could not see out of the slits of the eyes, had no peripheral vision, and could not see the ground. The suckers on the fingers were past my real fingers so when I went to William Shatner’s face I kept missing and hitting him.

1st: You have worked with several famous stars which ones stood out the most for you?

Sandy: OMG yes I have worked with several famous stars it is so hard to say which one stood out the most. I have to say I loved working with Beau Bridges and his dad Lloyd; also Sacha Baron Cohen was so much fun. I can’t say enough about how nice and wonderful Elvis Presley was to work with; amazing! I could go on and on.

1st: You danced in 15 Elvis movies, do you enjoy dancing and do you still?

Sandy: Dancing was my first love and it got me to be a stunt lady. I now work doing a form of dance and kickboxing and still love to dance whenever I get the chance.

1st: How did you find working with Bill Mumy as his stunt double and were the stunts difficult?

Sandy: I had so much fun working with Bill Mumy on Lost In Space. This show was truly a family. It was my very first job doing stunts and most of them were not that hard for me.

You have a book “Stuntlady: Falling for the Stars” What is the book about and can fans get it signed and where can they?

Sandy: My book “Stuntlady: Falling for the Stars” is really about my life growing up and working in the movie industry and some behind-the-scenes stories and stars I have worked with. There are lots of pictures along with the stories. If you go to my website: you can buy the book and get it autographed. You can also just get the book on Amazon either under my name or Stuntlady.

1st: Have you ever refused to do a stunt you thought was too dangerous or changed it so it was not?

Sandy: I learned from my mentors in the very beginning never to be afraid to say no and turn a job down I did not feel comfortable doing. I have also learned about the rigging of a job and have double-checked and changed it to make it more safe for me.

1st: How would you like to have the powers/abilities of a Talosian and what would you do with them?

Sandy: I do not think I would like to have the powers/abilities of a Talosian because not only would I be able to read everyone’s mind but others could read my mind. Not a good idea. LOL!!!

1st: What has been your best experience working as a stunt person?

Sandy: The best experience of working as a stunt person is you are connected with an amazing group of talented people who become part of your family. I get to travel to places I probably would have not had the opportunity to go and meet and work with some amazing actors and actresses. Staying in shape to be able to continue to work also keeps me healthy and strong.

1st: What would you like to say to your many fans?

Sandy: OMG I am so very blessed to have so many fans and appreciate them so much. Without them I would not be able to do the podcasts or the conventions I get to go to. I get to meet them and not only do they get to hear my stories but I get to hear theirs.

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