RICH INTERVIEWS: RazorHawk aka Jack Brinatte Real Life Super-Hero

First Comics News: How and why did you decide to become Razor Hawk?

RazorHawk: I became RazorHawk because I always wanted to help people. I find that people find me imposing, so I figured I could use that to help protect people. But over the years I have begun to find more satisfaction in charity. Working with kids and homeless.

1st: As part of United Earth Hopeforce can you tell us what does this group do?

RazorHawk: The HOPEFORCE started really in 2011 when after filming the Documentary Superheroes in real life, I saw an opportunity to bring many rlsh (real life superhero) together in San Diego to do a large scale homeless outreach. We’ve just had our sixth year of doing it, and this year we added events in Chicago, San Francisco and New York. Apparently we will be adding an event in Mississippi as well in 2017.

1st: You also belong to The Supernaturals as a investigator of the paranormal what exactly does this involve?

RazorHawk: The SuperNaturals are a team that I started about 4 yrs ago. Primarily at present we share our individual investigations into ghosts, ufos and cryptids. I have investigated Bachelors Grove cemetery with a small team and have also investigated the Mound theater.

1st: With the Great Lakes Alliance what have you accomplished?

RazorHawk: The GLA was the first team I started pretty much in 2006. We would get together locally and patrol Minneapolis, intending to keep folks safe. That also turned into more charity work. Delivering Christmas toys to a local shelter, and helping the homeless.

1st: What reaction do you usually get from people when they see you dressed as RazorHawk?

RazorHawk: People usually like my look. I get compliments on it all the time. I have had some people joke about it and ask what I’m supposed to be, but in the end they seem to think its cool and thank me for helping.

1st: Where did the name Razor Hawk come from?

RazorHawk: RazorHawk as a name came from two sources. When I was about 13 some friends and I started playing with the idea of being real superheroes. I took the name Hawk, because I like birds and flight, and a hawk is powerful. When I decided to start really doing this, I carried a slingshot whose model name was LazerHawk. I started playing with that name and RazorHawk sounded better so I adopted it.

1st: What do you hope your super-hero persona inspires others to do?

RazorHawk: I hope I inspire people to just be good and help when and where they can. If they want to do it civilian style or rlsh (real life superhero) style, I’m happy either way.

1st: Did you design your own costume?

RazorHawk: I have designed and made all of my uniforms until my latest. I wanted a nice leather vest so I had a jacket place look at my design and make me a seriously nice vest.

1st: You were a pro wrestler has this helped you to be better as RazorHawk?

RazorHawk: Having been a pro wrestler makes me a little more confident in being out there and has served me well in skirmishes. None major. But it also prepared me to know how to put the image out there that I hope inspires people.

1st: Crazed vigilantes or courageous crime fighters, how would you respond to that?

RazorHawk: I prefer to think of most of us as concerned citizens. I have the utmost respect for the men and women I know, be they charity minded or crime fighters. I think the majority of them know their limitations and prefer to be legal and safe.

1st: Why does the world need super-heroes like you and others like you?

RazorHawk: The world always needs someone to count on. Fictional or real. Its not just superheroes, its people willing to do the right thing.

1st: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

RazorHawk: If I could have a power, it would be to project empathy. Imagine a bully feeling what its like to feel what the person they bully feels like. Imagine some ignoring a homeless person, feeling what its like to be homeless. I think more people would make the world a better place if they could feel those things like that.

1st: Any words for those who appreciate Razor Hawk’s hard work?

RazorHawk: I appreciate and love the folks that appreciate what I do. But I love it most when I see them go out and help in any way.

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