RICH INTERVIEWS: Psalms Salazar Actor in Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story

First Comics News: Is there any upside to being a working girl?

Psalms Salazar: Well if you are one or ever been one you know you must find the upsides of being a working girl, if not then you will only perceive being a “working girl ” as a negative thing when that isn’t entirely true. Being a working girl shows you what you’re made of, it tests your strength, tenacity, and will power. It’s easy to get lost in the sauce as a working girl, so it takes self-love and discipline to not become only a working girl.

1st: What’s your dream role to play?

Psalms: I never know how to answer this question, mostly because I haven’t got there yet. I feel when I get the opportunity to play different types of characters, only then I will have the experience to know myself more and form a dream role. Right now my dream is to tell stories that are real life. As of now what I can say is I thoroughly enjoy watching films like “A Bronx Tale”, “Breakfast Club”, “The Godfather”, “Kill Bill”. It’s the relatability and badass attitude of these characters I admire so much.

1st: What has been your best and worse experience in acting?

Psalms: I’ll start with my worse. So in this particular moment, I wasn’t actually acting, I auditioned for this role and the casting/director loved me. Loved me so much that they reschedule their whole shoot dates at the DMV, because I was traveling very soon and they really wanted me to a part of this short, so they accommodated my schedule. I felt very special, to say the least. But unfortunately, since I am young and sometimes dumb I gave the director the wrong availability dates. So the dates I gave him were actually the dates I was traveling to Thailand to do volunteer work. I thought going on my volunteer trip that I already committed to was the best decision, and that decision led to a phone call from the director himself giving me a piece of his mind, and my agency dropping me. Again at the time, I thought it was a good idea until I realized what I did. Lesson learned when you’re an upcoming actor and you get a great opportunity to work as the main character in a SAG short film that was going to popular film festivals, seize the opportunity, they’re hard to come by.

My best experience acting would honestly be when I was performing a scene in class from the movie “Crazy Stupid, Love”. My scene partner and I choose to do the scene where Emma re-enacts the scene from dirty dancing, she runs and Patrick Swayze lifts her up and they hold that pose in the air for a moment. Well, we were very excited about this performance, however, I woke up that day with horrible news. I woke up to find the first car that I bought, my purple Dodge Challenger V6 was stolen out of my parking space. I was completely at a loss for words, and on top of that, I was leaving for South Africa for my Birthday in a few days. My day was upside down. When I got on that stage and had to pretend that my world wasn’t falling apart (because that’s what it felt like), and truly be completely in the moment, I performed my best. We did the scene perfectly, the jump, the hold, everyone in the class stood up and clapped. I was so proud of myself for putting my personal adversity aside and delivering what was needed. I found out that day what I was capable of.

1st: Do you have any children? In the movie, you do bring across the love a mother has for her child well?

Psalms: I Absolutely do not have a child. I have 3 dogs, which are like my children, they require a lot of love, attention, and money haha. I am one of 6 children, so I do remember helping out with my baby brothers as a child. Changing diapers, feeding them, holding them when they cry, so that could definitely play a role in my behavior towards children. I would also have to say I’m naturally a very giving woman, I love to take care of people or animals in any way I can, cooking, donations, volunteer work, I think I just have strong maternal instincts.

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