RICH INTERVIEWS: Paula Garces Co-Creator “The World of Aluna”

First Comics News: Why did you decide you wanted to create a comic book?

Paula Garces: Well I have always been into graphic novels as a little girl and loved to escape into that world. About 8 years ago I started poking around the internet and noticed that Female and Minority lead characters where lacking. You can go to any comic con around the world and find people of all colors and genders filling the halls. So I thought to myself, “Well no need to complain about it, I’ll just create a character” and hopefully make a difference.

1st: How did you come up with the idea for “The World of Aluna”?

Paula: There are a lot of stories about the past of Gods of the Eastern European World, but no one really ever taps into the mystical world of the indigenous people of Central and South America. So I thought why not tap into this world and create a Demi God who is the child of a Spaniard on Christopher’s Columbus Journey to the new world and a Goddess of the ancient people of the Americas. I chose “Pachamama” who indigenous tribes believe to be the mother of earth.

1st: Who has helped you develop “The World of Aluna”?

Paula: Well my co-creator Antonio Hernandez who is really a comic book buff is the one who stirred up my interest in co creating Aluna. We originally had one issue created over 6 years ago. It stirred up a lot of interest, so we felt it was time to reboot and really tell Aluna’s story. We reached out to the writing team behind the video games Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia and Batman Arkham Origins Ryan Galletta, Dooma Wendschuck, and Corey May to help us flush out Aluna origins. They loved the story so much that they asked if they could write more then just one issue . We are excited to say that they did a special 8 issue series on Aluna’s Origins.

1st: How has being an actress helped you create “The World of Aluna”?

Paula: Well being a actress helps out a lot. I see amazing scripts all the time. Understanding storytelling and formatting is important in any the creation of any comic book. I was able to know when the script needed to be reworked and just scratched out. I found myself playing out live Aluna’s lines. This helped me a lot in knowing whether her lines worked or not.

1st: What is the story in “The World of Aluna”?

Paula: Aluna is the Story of a baby girl of native Colombia set back in the 1500s. A young woman who grew up in Spain escapes to the New World to stop a wicked Spanish prince from waging a brutal slaughter of native people. As if by fate Aluna finds that she is indeed fulfilling her destiny as she is visited by her missing tribe’s Spiritual Leader and quickly learns that she is the daughter of the Goddess “Pachamama” . Her journey will be filled with adventures of the unknown as she will be torn between what she has just learned and the life she left behind.

1st: Who exactly is Aluna?

Paula: Aluna is a combative personality. She is the sister of Earth. Her human DNA is always stopping her from accessing all the powers she has inside her. She doesn’t like following rules especially when they get in her way of fixing what she believes need fixing. She is compassionate but never ever fits in with anyone. She knows there is a calling for her she just can never figure it out.

1st: Are you and Aluna alike?

Paula: Probably all of the above except that I can’t access my powers at all! lol

1st: What do you think of the creative team on “The World of Aluna”?

Paula: Well I have to say doing this independent means there wasn’t much money to pay the amazing people that have been helping me with these books. Its all been mostly for the love of the project that I have gotten this amazing team to bring to life ‘The World of Aluna’. I hope you don’t mind if I give them a shout out right now as far too often they people behind the curtains rarely get credits. Writer(s): Ryan Galletta, Dooma Wendschuck, Corey May Artist(s): Adrian Barbu, Antim Marius, Casandra Ciocian, David T. Cabrera, Tunon Benzo Alvion Ortiz

1st: Do you have any ideas for other comics?

Paula: Oh yes, we have some great surprises coming soon, Spinoffs from our characters.

1st: Would you like to see “The World of Aluna” as a TV series?

Paula: Definitely, I am in the middle of writing a TV series right now and Hollywood seems to be really interested in what I’m doing with Aluna. Hopefully you will hear about this in the coming year! Wink wink..
Let me know if this is ok!

1st: Why is Aluna Latino? Is this fact an important part of the comic?

Paula: Oh yes! If we don’t have many or any mainstream Latino leading characters represented in a positive light, then people will disassociated themselves from caring for Latinos. Every human being has pain and love in their being, and if we don’t see them represented in a good light we then disconnect ourselves from their pain. We see this happening every day when Trump talks about Hispanics as if they are not humans. Comics may be a small part of showing that heroes come in all shades, but its small piece that fits in a big important puzzle.

1st: What will you be acting in next?

Paula: I will be seen in “Major Crimes” on TNT October 31st , I will as be seen in Netflix original comedy series called On My Block.

1st: What is a normal day like in your life?

Paula: My schedule goes like this, I wake up feed my baby boy, head off the Gym, do my daily Social Media, read my scripts, play with my Baby, talk with my agents and manager, meet up with my friends for some me time, go to office to work on my Aluna stuff, then back home to have family time for the rest of the night .

1st: Would you like to say anything to all your fans?

Paula: Yes I would like to thank my fans who have stuck by me and helped me continue to develop Aluna. Aluna has millions of fans around the world and I hope to bring her to live action soon. Please feel free to reach out to me and follow me on facebook or twitter , and intergram You can also visit my website and of course my Aluna website to get the latest on what is happening.

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