RICH INTERVIEWS: Olan Rogers Writer/Director “Lion’s Blaze”

First Comics News: Why and how did “Lion’s Blaze” come into being?

Olan Rogers: Well, it started off as a YouTube live action video series about two games playing this terrible medieval game called the Lion’s Blaze and from there it spawned a new life into animation. As far as why? Because I love video games and making films, it felt like a great fit for me.

1st: What is the story going on in “Lion’s Blaze”?

Olan: A brat pack of 80’s kids get trapped by a Gamemaker in a slightly terrible abandoned medieval arcade game called The Lion’s Blaze. They now must play their way through this “Game of Thrones” world built on the rules of a video game to get back home…while there’s still one left.

1st: Who are the main stars of “Lion’s Blaze”?

Olan: In the proof of concept, me and Jake Sidwell, the same as the YouTube videos.

1st: What kind of threats will our heroes face?

Olan: Digital threats from the game’s monsters, dragons, orcs, elementals, demons and also a real threat of the Game Maker.

1st: Is watching “Lion’s Blaze” going to be like playing a video game?

Olan: It will have a lot of game references. So in a way, yes but it will be more like watching a streamer on twitch play.

1st: So would you like to play a video game from the inside?

Olan: As terrifying as that would be…..heck yes! It would be a blast.

1st: When will we see more episodes of “Lion’s Blaze”?

Olan: No idea. It would have to go to the next step of a series in order for that. But most likely not for a while.

1st: Where did the name lion’s Blaze come from?

Olan: Literally out of thin air. I needed something that sounded like a fantasy game.

1st: What is “Final Space” all about the animated series that will be appearing on TBS in 2018?

Olan: Imagine a Pixar movie broken up into 10 episodes. Its got soooooo much heart it’s unreal. It’s super funny, but also heart breaking. You will find yourself crying and laughing at the same time. It’s a sci-fi along the likes of Mass Effect, Star Wars, Interstellar mixed with Monty Python.

1st: How do you feel about your “Mega Man X” fan film?

Olan: Haha Awful. I wanted to make that so good but I lacked the experience and budget to do so. But I don’t regret doing it, I learned a lot from it.

1st: You have an online store what will one find there and what is the URL?

Olan: Look of absurd sometimes pop culture inspired shirts and supplies.

1st: Which character that you created are you most like?

Olan: I’m probably closer to Gary from Final Space.

1st: What would you like to say to those who enjoy your work?

Olan: Thanks so much for watching and supporting me through all these years!

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