RICH INTERVIEWS: Katerina Marie Ibrahim Cosplayer/Model

First Comics News: How did you get into cosplaying?

Katerina Marie Ibrahim: After attending my first con I saw others cosplaying and thought it looked awesome! It’s been my number one hobby ever since.

1st: How do you feel when you see a fan’s favorable reaction to a cosplay you did?

Katerina Marie: It always makes me happy! Especially when I feel like I can do someone’s favorite character justice.

1st: You make a beautiful Wonder Woman was that a fun cosplay photo shoot?

Katerina Marie: Thank you! Yes, it was – actually that shoot was self-shot with the help of a friend.

1st: Do you have a favorite cosplay you have done?

Katerina Marie: Hmm it would probably have to be one of my Zelda cosplays! I put a lot of love into her Breath of the Wolf outfits especially.

1st: What was your very first cosplay and why did you decide on it?

Katerina Marie: It was Chii from Chobits! She’s the main waifu in the manga I was reading at the time.

1st: Do you design a lot of your own cosplay costumes?

Katerina Marie: I do have some original characters that I’ve made and worn! There’s an elf queen one in the works at the moment.

1st: What is the best experience you have had from cosplaying?

Katerina Marie: Meeting other cosplayers from the same series!

1st: Which modeling agency are you with and what kind of modeling do you mostly do?

Katerina Marie: I’m with Lotus Model Management and I mainly do commercial modeling – think lingerie, swimwear, and catalog shoots.

1st: How did your Cybersecurity work out for you?

Katerina Marie: I’m still currently in school for it!

1st: Do you go to conventions, why or why not?

Katerina Marie: Yep! Going to conventions throughout the year is always something I really look forward to because it’s a great chance to hang out with my friends.

1st: How do you like to relax after a hard day of work?

Katerina Marie: At the moment I’ve been spending a lot of my free time playing Genshin Impact!

1st: How many different countries do you think you have traveled to and do you plan to travel more?

Katerina Marie: I’ve been to 45 so far. The next places I really want to go to are Iceland and Australia.

1st: What social media sites can people find you on?

Katerina Marie: Pretty much all of them! Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and my official Facebook fan page.

1st: What would you like to say to all your many fans?

Katerina Marie: I love all of you and appreciate you guys so much! It’s been your continued support that lets me try new things lately like Twitch streaming and new cosplays.

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