RICH INTERVIEWS: Karla “Moon” Medrano Creator/Writer for Luna

First Comics News: Where does your love of writing come from?

Karla Medrano: My love for writing stems from my love of reading! When I was 4, my mom enrolled me in the “Fraggle Rock” book club and I’ve loved to read ever since. Diving into a world, filled with monsters, fairies, and more, was always so fascinating to me! As I got older, I started creating my own stories. Luna, my comic book, is the only story that I have shared with others, but I am hoping to write many more.

1st: How did the idea of “Luna” come into being?

Karla: I started dreaming about Luna years ago. She didn’t have a name or face, but she would always be there to help me. After being inspired by Chadwick Boseman’s performance in “Black Panther” I decided to finally give Luna her own story.

1st: What is “Luna” all about?

Karla: It is the year 10000.
Humans have migrated to other worlds.
  The Heroes of Old Earth are long gone.
  Still, the Universe has birthed a new generation of superhumans known as Energy Keepers. The Energy Keepers and the people of Planet Djoria maintain the order, peace, and balance of all life. Some have heeded the call and others have not.
  Our story takes place on Planet Mahru, the home of millions of humans united under the rulership of Queen Luna.
  After a visit from a stranger from the future, Queen Luna discovers that she, too, is an Energy Keeper and that she is the only one who can save her world from a threat that can destroy all she loves.
  It’s a love story with incredible superpowers and will remind every child that they are loved and have the power to change the world.
  Does Luna have the power to save who she loves?

1st: What is an Energy Keeper?

Karla: Energy Keepers can harness the energy of the Universe which makes them the keepers of balance, health, and energy. Some have decided to uphold this call, while others have not.
  Each energy keeper has unique powers and they will grow stronger if they stay in harmony with their call. Some can influence animals, others can control water, others can create fire, and the list goes on.

1st: Is there a moral message in “Luna”?

Karla: Yes, there are many.
  What happens when you threaten a woman’s peace?
  What happens when you allow your childhood trauma to dictate your present?
  What happens when you allow anger and the need to take revenge to shape your decisions?
  What happens when you allow love and forgiveness into your heart?

These are only a few questions that Luna will answer, but the primary lesson I want is for our children. What happens when our children unleash their inner power to change the world around them?

1st: How would you describe the Planet Mahru?

Karla: Planet Mahru is a planet that our descendants discovered as they migrated to different parts of the Universe. Mahru, unlike Old Earth, is not plagued by fear, greed, or hatred. Mahruvians live in harmony under the rulership of Luna. Under one moon. And because Mahruvians live in harmony with each other, the soil, the air, and elements are in balance, which only makes the Energy Keepers, like Luna, stronger.

1st: Exactly who are Queen Luna and Aibek?

Karla: King Aibek and Queen Luna are their Majesties that rule Mahru. Although they have different world views, they balance each other and are soulmates. In the first two issues, we see their love continue to strengthen, which serves as the foundation for future issues. Their love story is like no other.

1st: How would you describe Ian Sebastion’s art?

Karla: In one word: Majestic.
  Without Ian’s vision and storytelling, Luna will not have seen the success she has seen. We work together to create a world that is unlike anything you have seen in the indie space, but he is the one who puts the final touches on it. He is a master!

1st: How has being a nurse helped you in writing?

Karla: I’ve been in healthcare for the past 20 years, with the last 6 years as a nurse. I’ve met, worked, and cared for people of all cultures, backgrounds, and faiths. My experiences have helped me build a world, full of characters, that will resonate with a diverse group of people.

1st: How do you feel about being more inclusive of black actresses and actors in starring or major roles?

Karla: Hollywood still has a long way to go. We want our characters, not just race-swapping established characters. There are so many comic book characters, like Nightshade, Manifold, and Vixen, that deserve their consideration. I understand that there isn’t always a budget for lesser-known characters, but what about Storm??? Doesn’t she deserve her movie? We know that well-written dialogues, backed with great actors and a budget, do very well at the box office! Look at Black Panther and Wakanda Forever! They made a total of 2.2 BILLION dollars! If that isn’t a reason to invest in black stories, I don’t know what is.

1st: What advice can you give for someone’s first Kickstarter?

Karla: Promote! Promote! Promote! You should be promoting your project at least 3 months in advance to make people aware of your project and to join your email list! The number one reason why creators fail is because of poor promotion. Also, once you launch, you should be promoting! Promoting! Promoting! You should be emailing, sending personal messages to your friends/family/followers, going live on IG or FB, etc. You should be doing something every day while your campaign is live. And afterward, be sure to do your best to keep your backers updated with the progress of the project! When people see that you show up and show out, they will be just as excited as you!

1st: Your bucket list includes traveling to Canada, why?

Karla: I would love to visit the falls! I will never forget that iconic scene in Superman when Lois decides to “test” Clark by throwing herself into the falls!

1st: Would you if it were possible like to meet Luna on Mahru?

Karla: Of course!
  I would thank her for inspiring millions around the world. Her kindness, loyalty, and love are something everyone can learn from. Plus, I wouldn’t mind seeing her “in action” when she battles Zo and the other forces coming for her and her kingdom. I will have my camera ready!

1st: What would you like to say to fans of your work?

Karla: Thank you. Thank you for welcoming Luna into your heart. I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for you. Are you ready?

Karla “Moon” Medrano
Creator of Luna the Queen of Mahru
Awarded 2022 Series with Most Potential by Indie Comix Dispatch
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