RICH INTERVIEWS: Hayley Nitz Creator “Chasing Hitler” Red 5 Comics

First Comics News: Why did you decide to create “Chasing Hitler”?

Hayley Nitz: I got the idea from high school freshman history when we talked about the uncertainty surrounding Hitler’s death. I came home and asked my Dad what if Hitler survived. That lead to research which lead to outlining a story. My dad thought it was a great idea and because I couldn’t see myself writing a novel or filming a TV show, I turned to my Uncle, Jai Nitz (a professional comic book writer), to help put the idea into comic book form.

1st: What is the basic story line of “Chasing Hitler”?

Hayley: The basic story line of “Chasing Hitler” is two allied soldiers at the end of World War II sent to confirm Hitler’s death, but when they can’t the chase begins. The chase then takes them across multiple countries and continents. as they try to track down Adolf Hitler, one of history’s most notorious villains.

1st: How would you describe the personalities of Hitler, Major Alex Taylor and Major Conner Walsh?

Hayley: Hitler: A man that doesn’t want to admit defeat. He feels his path was righteous and he wants to continue at any cost.
Major Alex Taylor: Taylor is your typical WWII veteran. He served his country but he is not a career military man. He has a life waiting at the end of the war.
Major Conner Walsh: Walsh is a bit of a jokester and slightly sarcastic. That outside veneer hides the truth. His family has all died during WWII and he has nothing to go home to. Finding Hitler is his top priority because once the war ends he has no idea what waits for him.

1st: What is the biggest selling point of “Chasing Hitler”, why will people want to buy it?

Hayley: I think people will want to buy “Chasing Hitler” for its great story line, compelling characters, and fantastic art.

1st: Why did you use Kickstarter for “Chasing Hitler”?

Hayley: I used Kickstarter to fund “Chasing Hitler” because producing a comic book is expensive and I don’t have the funds to do it on my own. Now I am back on Kickstarter because I have partnered with publishing company Red 5 comics to produce issues 2-4. They are going to print and distribute the books for me but I have to bring them 4 completed comics. Once we are funded I will complete the 4 issues and Red 5 will distribute the book for sale in the 4th quarter of 2017.

1st: How did Red 5 Comics get involved?

Hayley: After Chasing Hitler #1 was completed I took the book to several publishers and ended up partnering with Red 5 Comics.

1st: How have your friends and family responded to you creating a comic book?

Hayley: My friends and family have all been extremely supportive. Everyone understands how busy I am and that between high school, college applications, my Girl Scout Gold Award, and “Chasing Hitler” that I don’t have the same amount of time to just hang out and relax as I did in the past.

1st: Would you like to create another comic book, and do you have any ideas?

Hayley: At the moment I’m working on ideas for a second project. I would really like to continue with “Chasing Hitler” if it is successful. I think it has lots of places the story can go.

1st: How do you spend any free time you have?

Hayley: Any little bit of free time I have I like to read, hang out with my friends, and get caught up on TV shows with my family.

1st: Why is Eli Nitz important to you?

Hayley: My dad, Eli Nitz, has definitely been my biggest supporter throughout this entire process. We like to joke that between college applications and “Chasing Hitler” that he has become my secretary. I love him a lot and am extremely grateful for all he has done to help me with all of this.

1st: What are some of your favorite comic book movies?

Hayley: My favorite comic book movies have always been the Marvel super hero ones, and my favorite super hero is Spider-Man. However, currently my favorite Marvel movie is probably Guardians of the Galaxy.

1st: Why are you involved with the Girl Scouts?

Hayley: I love Girl Scouts I have been one since kindergarten. I am extremely outdoorsy and love camping as well as all of the amazing volunteer opportunities that I have had due to Girl Scouts. For example, in December, I am going to Uganda to work in an orphanage for a week as part of my Gold Award: the highest award a Girl Scout can earn, equal to the Boy Scout Eagle Scout. My favorite part about it though is probably the sense of sisterhood with all of my troop mates. I think that we will all be life long friends.

1st: Any words for the people who have picked up “Chasing Hitler”?

Hayley: The only thing that I can say to anyone who has already picked up a copy of “Chasing Hitler” is to keep reading because it only gets better.

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