RICH INTERVIEWS: Gwynn Tavares Artist for Amelia Sky

First Comics News: What first got you interested in being an artist?

Gwynn Tavares: I was always drawing in school, instead of listening to my teachers, since an early age. I’m not quite sure what was wrong with me. I think my failure at anything that didn’t have a hand-drawn poster requirement is the driving reason why I decided to keep doing art. It’s too bad that I wasn’t more “well-rounded” It took me far too long to look up and realize how cool it might have been to go into one of the sciences. However, I love what I do. I only regret what I will never know.

1st: How has being an artist enriched your life?

Gwynn: By a lot. I have met so many wonderful people and have gotten to do tons of fun things. I feel like art is an endless meal of endless delights. There has never been a better time to be alive and be doing art than right now, the world is an awesome place for creative people.

1stWhat does color wash art mean?

Gwynn: I believe it means “color tinted”. The comic is mostly in black in white with just hinted colors to give it that extra creepy feel.

1stAmelia Sky is the main character, what characteristics do you bring out in her through your art?

Gwynn: I wanted to focus on her kindness, I think of her as a very nice kid, that’s why I think these comics are so heart-wrenching. You watch someone who only has basic desires, to be a kid, to be loved and protected, become someone who kills.

1stWhat look did you give to the Shriekers?

Gwynn: The Shriekers were my first insect-style monsters. I think I drew them best as lurking humanoid shapes in the snow. The concept of them with multiple eyes and tons of teeth with a human torso and head attached to a spider body was a great idea, but I feel like I didn’t make them scary enough.

1stYou also draw a dog in “Amelia Sky” Is it harder to give an animal emotions and human characteristics than a human?

Gwynn: I think animals are easier. We all grew up watching animated animals and I think it’s almost easier to bring across an emotion with an animal than a human because I think animals are easier to empathize with for many readers.

1stWhat type of person do you make Eleanor out to be?

Gwynn: A bonafide Hero. Akin is the original action hero of all those old movies.

1st: Do you like working on supernatural comics such as “Dead End Moon”?

Gwynn: I do, they are lots of fun. It’s fun to have a small hand in the brainstorming right before we send off the writer to create a real script. It’s been fun drawing all sorts of chaos that anyone can come up with.

1stHow did your work on the “Boston Metaphysical Society” comics turn out?

Gwynn: Pretty good, I feel like I forget how nice those pages came out. I was just looking at the comic the other day and I feel so lucky that I got to work on such a fun story. Mad scientists, magic books, and demons all in a Victorian-era setting is my jam.

1stWhat supernatural monster would you like to work on that you have not?

Creepy Unicorns are great. Anything that can blend the “This is pretty” with “It’s gonna eat me” is one of my favorite kinds of monsters. But also, giant galactic horrors are cool as well. It’s very hard to decide.

1stWhy did you switch from sculpting to sequential art?

Gwynn: I wanted to create stories. Although I feel like there is a lot of story one can tell with a sculpture, it is a bit limited.

1stWhat do you have planned for the near future for your career?

Gwynn: Right now I am a free agent. I feel like the sky is the limit, I haven’t been in this position since I started comics, well, maybe since I left high school. So, it’s been a while since I haven’t gotten to work on my projects. For the time, I am splitting my focus between a magnet game I started a few years ago and a comic that is set in a Greek-like era that ends up being taken over by a pantheon of Great Old Ones.

1stWhich Marvel or DC comic title would you most like to work on?

Gwynn: I have always liked Batman, but I am afraid I have nothing new to bring to that IP. I think a lot of Marvel and DC heroes are fantastically complex. Maybe it would be more fitting for me to explore a character that got lost in the golden era like “Arm Fall Off Boy” or something.

1stWhat do you have to say to those who enjoy your art?

Gwynn: Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I think anyone who likes my work is the top. For me, the best thing about being an artist is having people enjoy what I do.

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