RICH INTERVIEWS: Greg LaRocque Artist Stargate of Atlantis

First Comics News: You recently drew the Three Stooges, why are these characters so loved?

Greg LaRocque: The political incorrectness is timeless & appeals to the little kid in us, but also when you look closer, you see a close-knit group of well intentioned, industrious guys trying to do the right thing.

1st: Do you try to bring out the on-screen personalities in your art of the Three Stooges?

Greg: Of course, I’m honored to work on their book.

“Stargate of Atlantis: Hearts & Minds” how did you become the artist on this comic?

Greg: After discussing various options with the American Mythology folks, they decided SGA was the right assignment for me, & I agreed 😉

1st: Do you get to draw lots of action in “Stargate of Atlantis: Hearts & Minds”?

Greg: The comic is done as if it’s a continuation of the television series, future story arcs may deviate from that approach.

When drawing a person’s face what is the easiest and hardest part?

Greg: It depends, but getting the emotion, or acting right is what I shoot for. Then dramatic lighting.

1st: You were the artist on “Ant-Man Scott Lang”, does the size of the hero make a difference overall in how you draw them?

Greg: Makes for interesting storytelling 😉

What did your art add to the Flash that others did not?

Greg: My Flash didn’t run, he FLASHED!

1st: When you worked on the Legion of Super-Heroes did you have a favorite team member you liked to draw, if so why?

Greg: Superboy, a dream come true 😉 & all the ladies!

You draw very beautiful sexy women what do you attribute the success of this too?

Greg: My fascination with the female form.

1st: Why was working on Spider-Man such a pleasure or was it?

Greg: Working for Marvel was a pleasure, then Jim Shooter discovered me & turned the experience into a nightmare ;(

You basically have done it all letterer, colorist, editor, writer, inker and penciler is there anything else you would like to achieve in comics?

Greg: I’m capping off my career with a graphic novel I’m writing & drawing titled “ Pain” the life & times of Johnny Baltimore. It’s about opiate abuse.

1st: How do you relax when not working?

Greg: An artist is never not working 😉

1st: What would you like to say to all the comic book fans of your work?

Greg: Thank you, it’s been a blast & the best is yet to come!! I will always say the comic book community & its fans are the best in the world!! Peace!! Greg LR
Greg LaRocque Bio: He has been a well-known name in the comic book industry since the 1980’s. Born & raised in Baltimore, Maryland, he started his ventures in the art field when he was hired at the tender age of 17, to be an assistant art teacher at the Professional Institute of Commercial art, the school he was soon to graduate from. Greg’s comic book career began with DC Comics and Marvel Comics, which made Greg one of the first artists to work for both companies at the same time. Greg’s work can be seen in the pages of Spider-man, The Avengers, Justice League, Legion of Super-Heroes, the Flash and currently Stargate Atlantis for American Mythology. Greg may be best known for his design of the Iconic Wally West Flash costume.

Greg’s work as a, Illustrator & Designer has seen him touch such diverse characters as SpongeBob Squarepants, Bugs Bunny, the Batman, Justice League, Harley Davidson & the Grateful Dead.

Working as creative director for Exiled Studio, Greg published his creator-owned series ‘the Exiled’, followed up with the graphic novels ‘CryBaby Extinction’ & ‘the Dreaming’.

Greg’s commission work has been requested by fans across the globe, from Chile, Italy, Spain, Canada, the UK, & France, to the Philippines & many more. He continues to attend comic book conventions & events, & appreciates the support of his fans. His fundraising efforts to support the victims of natural disaster has helped many of those in a desperate situation.

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