RICH INTERVIEWS: Grant Cameron Author Charlie Red Star

First Comics News: Why did you decide to write “Charlie Red Star”?

Grant Cameron: Two days after I saw my first UFO in May 1975. I couldn’t believe no one was gathering the stories from this small town that was having so many sighting. The manuscript was done in about 1977 but no one was interested in publishing.

1st: Is Canada a rich place for UFO sightings?

Grant: I don’t really follow UFO sightings. The most reports come from the areas were there are the most researchers gathering. In 1975 there did seem to be a massive number of sightings along the Canadian USA border, including inside northern tier Air Force bases where they were seen inside the weapons storage areas where the nuclear weapons were stored.

1st: Why are there UFO’s?

Grant: My personal brief is that they have always been around but came in mass after we detonated the first atomic bomb. Everything in the universe is vibration and the signal went out that the kids had found the matches. I am one of a growing number of researchers who believe the phenomena is going to be a lot less ET, a lot less physical, and a lot more spiritual that is presently believed.

1st: How do you go about searching for answers?

Grant: When my book didn’t get published I was only interested in who had the answer to what I had seen. I figured someone must have figured out all or part of the answer. I first went after the Canadian government, then a former President of Penn State University who hinted that he knew. That led to chasing the President of the United States for what he knew. I also spend a lot of time trying to get answers from the highest level intelligence officials, and some of them are throwing out some bread crumbs.

1st: Why should people read “Charlie Red Star”?

Grant: Charlie Red Star is a book about ordinary people in a small part of the country who reported things they could not explain. In ufology this is usually what the average people want – just a good story. The subject, if you understand what is going on, is the Super Bowl of all stories. Charlie Red Star tells a few tales of people who were lucky enough to play in the big game.

1st: What was Project Magnet?

Grant: Project Magnet was a Department of Transport project that ran from 1950 to 1954 (when they detected a UFO over Canada’s capitol. The intent of the program was to develop an energy source, as it was believed that the flying saucers of the time were using the earth’s magnetic field for propulsion.

1st: Does the government cover up UFO’s?

Grant: Absolutely. They are covering up the propulsion which can be weaponized. They are covering up the fact that aliens are telepathic which also has military implications. They are covering up the cattle mutilations that happen downwind and downstream from nuclear activities. They are covering up the fact that “they” are in charge. “They” are running the show and there is nothing we can go about it. The government most importantly is hiding the fact that the President of the United States is in charge of the cover-up. They want everyone to think he is an idiot so no one will start asking him questions.
They are also slowly leaking parts of the story to acclimatize the public.

1st: Is there an Area 51?

Grant: Area 51 is about an hours drive north of Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFO part of the base is actually rumored to have been a few miles south west of Area 51 but still on the Nevada Test site.

1st: What book that you have written do you consider the most informative?

Grant: Depends what kind of information. Charlie Red Star is the only one that deals with sightings. My book Managing Magic:The Government’s UFO Disclosure Plan is the best when it comes to government conspiracy stuff.

1st: What are you working on now and when will it be published?

Grant: I have a book on the bizarre connection between UFOs,the paranormal, and musicians.. It is done but I don’t expect it to come out for a while.

1st: You have seen UFO’s personally but have you ever been on one?

Grant: I had an experience in 1976 where a large triangle craft came and hovered right over the car. It is described in Charlie Red Star. It had a couple hints of possibly being an abduction but I don’t recall anything.

1st: How does former President Barak H. Obama tie in to UFO’s?

Grant: Obama declassified the term Area 51 by talking about it in December 2013. I think he may actually have declassified UFOs and Roswell by talking about both these things in November 2015 in an interview with GQ Magazine. He also released millions of pages of UFO and remote viewing documents two days before he left office. It appears he liked the subject as he joked about it often and NEVER denied the reality of E.T.’s and visiting alien space crafts.

1st: Who has helped you the most with your work?

Grant: Katarina Castello who reads, edits, and advises me all the time, and Google. I found a letter my father had written after he died to his brother. He said, “I don’t read much anymore (used to read books all day long). I have Google now. That is all I need.”

1st: What would you like to say to those who follow your work?

Grant: Thank you for the interest. It gives me inspiration that I am not wasting my time. Everyone wants to believe they are doing something with their life. Remember that this is the Super Bowl of all stories. Give thanks every day that you got the chance to be a part of it. 500 years from now people will all wish they could have been here to watch.

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